Bye, bye, KUWTK… Hello, Life of Kylie!

Kylie Jenner has quickly gone from the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister to a total social media sensation. Between Kylie’s Instagram page, her reigning Queen title on Snap Chat, and her BOOMING cosmetics company it pretty much appears that the 19 year old is pretty unstoppable. So it’s only natural that the next step for the Kardashian-Jenner squad would be a new spin off. Hopefully this one will have more success than Rob & Chyna.

Kylie Jenner will be the star of the new reality series: Life of Kylie. This new spin off will be all about the youngest Jenner, (who was featured minimally on on KUWTK) from her friends to her business, and everything in between (if only Kyga was still alive) hopefully we will get a glimpse of it all.

E! has officially green lit the series, and rumor has it that the show will be hitting out television screens sooner than we’d expect. However, technically the show isn’t really a show, it’s being classified as an 8 part docu-series and according to E! Online, the show “hopes to reveal the real woman behind all the lip kits, fancy cars, mega mansions, glamorous Instagram photos, and filtered Snapchat stories”.

It will be interesting to see how Kylie’s extensive social media fan base will translate into a viewing audience. I mean, is the show going to be any differen than Kylie’s daily snaps? It’s pretty easy to assume that we will see the rest of the fam bam on the show from time to time, as well as her besties, Jordyn Woods, Hailey Baldwin, and more. Maybe even a new bae (hint, hint, Travis Scott), since it looks like Kyga is officially done and over with.

Life of Kylie will premiere this summer, and I’m praying we’ll get another tour of the beauty room ASAP.

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