This week on Love and Hip Hop we met Major Galore, Dj Self’s new artist, and Mariah Lynn’s new nemesis.

major galoreMajor Galore is the new, new kid on the block, and to be honest, has anyone ever heard of her before? Major has signed with DJ Self to Gwinnin Entertainment, and claims the coveted spot as first lady of Gwinnin. Apparently, so I hear, she has a “hit” song, called “Love Come Down”, which has been played countless times on Power 105.1… isn’t that funny, that just so happens to be DJ Self’s station. It’s probably needless to say, but I’ll say it. I definitely wasn’t impressed with her performance at the the Gwinnin event, I’m also no impressed with her hit song, the one thing I did like about Major Galore was her attitude. When Mariah Lynn was throwing some major attitude towards DJ Self, and passively aggressively slamming Major in the process, Major handled it with grace. She even tried to reason with Mariah mentioning that Mariah is a rapper and she is a singer, and Self’s attention won’t be pulled in two different directionsin the same category.

major galore love hip hopNotice however I said did, not do. Until I saw this past week’s episode I genuinely respected Major Galore, but she ruined that with her recent comments about Mariah’s song “Once Upon A Time” which¬†contains the lyrics “Once upon a time, not long ago, I was a hoe…”. Shit went left for me when Major came at Mariah stating that she did not like how she presents herself, and how she walks around acting like being a hoe is okay. Blah, blah, blah. How is that relevant to you Major? More importantly who said being a “hoe” wasn’t okay? Is their even a clear definition of what classifies as being a hoe? So what if Mariah was a hoe or is a hoe, or wasn’t a hoe and just likes singing about hoes. WHO CARES. If anything, the fact that both Major Galore and Mariah Lynn are former exotic dancers makes me think that they would want to support one another, and fight back against the stigma that dancers are bad people, or hoe’s. I personally think Mariah’s song about being a hoe is hilarious, real, and she’s helping to destigmatize sex workers. Sex workers aren’t bad people! All in all, Major’s comments make me wonder if she is at all ashamed of her past as a stripper.

Ya’ll may not know it but Major Galore apparently at one point not only wanted to chase a music career but a career on YouTube too… Major has her very own YouTube channel! The channel only has two videos, it looks like Major gave up on YouTube real quick after being active for only a week, and has much more success with her pursuit in music. Though I will say in that lip tutorial she posted her eye makeup was the bomb dot com. That liner could have cut a bitch.

Currently while filming for Love and Hip Hop, and making music Major is also working as a bottle girl at Angels Gentleman’s Club in Queens. Not much else is to be known about Major Galore as of now. I’ll give the rest of the season a chance to play out before I take bets on whether ot not she’ll be returning for another run.

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