Who is Dream Doll? Love and Hip Hop’s Newest Cast Member

Dream Doll or Tabitha Robinson as the government knows her, made her VH1 debut a couple weeks ago on the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York. It appears that the young woman is a singer, rapper and dancer that has been taken under the wing of the prince of New York himself, DJ Self. While it seems that Self is keeping it professional, thank god, Dream Doll has caught the eye of another cast member. Safaree appears to be bouncing back from his L.A. departure and is on the hunt for a lady friend and Dream Doll is totally on his radar. After a bump in at a party, it appears DJ Self reached ou to Safaree for some assistance with launching Dream Doll’s music career. Business quickly turned into pleasure between the two, and the next thing you know the two are out on one of the coolest dates I’ve ever seen.

Before her appearance on Love and Hip Hop, Dream Doll was no stranger to the public eye. In fact, before I even found out Dream Doll was joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop, I knew who she was. Dream Doll’s brand is known through out New York City, and all over social media. Before joining the Love and Hip Hop franchise, the Bronx native hustled all over NYC, bartending in various strip clubs, including the one and only Starlets. Dream Doll has followed the likes of former and current bartenders, like Graciii3, Cyn Santana and Bernice Burgos by building up her social media following and turning herself into an entire brand. Dream Doll is known for everything pink, including her hair, her wardrobe and her infamous pink jeep. With almost 1 million followers on Instagram alone, Dream Doll has leveraged her social media influence to book hosting gigs, radio gigs, modeling jobs, and more. However, breaking into music and signing to Gwinin Entertainment has by far been the best career move Dream Doll has made yet.

The 25 year old has dropped her first album, Life in Plastic, and it debuted at 28 on the Hip Hop Itunes chart. Make sure you peep her single, “Everything Nice”. Being signed to DJ Self certainly has it’s perks, not only is Dream Doll forwarding her music career, she also landed the opportunity to further her reality T.V. stardom on one of the biggest shows out there.

Dream Doll has a reputation from her days on BGC, in fact she was apparently kicked off of the show. Though I do not follow BGC and I am not familiar with the days of Dream Doll, social media certainly has taken a stance. Some Twitter users are not here for the arrival of the singer on VH1, I however find Dream Doll a bit refreshing. Thus far she doesn’t seem to be too turnt up and on her date with Safaree she showed a softer, sweeter side of herself I find is often lost behind the aesthetic of most of these reality T.V. bad bitches.

Tabitha Robinson certainly put her business management degree to good use creating her Dream Doll persona and marketing the shit out of herself. Kris Jenner couldn’t have done a better job, and PR is that woman’s middle name.

Let’s see what the rest of the season has in store for it’s newest cast member. Will she continue to climb the charts? Will she continue her romance with Safaree? Tune into to Love and Hip Hop to find out! Check Dream Doll on Instagram @dreamdoll_.

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