Lovely Mimi… Ghettolicious meets FOB in the most perfect way ever.

If you didn’t already know Lovely Mimi (@itslovelymimi) from her social media pages, now you know her from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. As if the season wasn’t wild enough with all of the drama, Lovely Mimi’s personality itself was more than what most viewers bargained for.

Lovely Mimi became social media famous, and has racked up over a million followers on Instagram from her videos gon viral. This woman is hilarious in her own unique way. Between the Asian and hood mixed accent, the crazy colored hair and makeup, and of course the outrageous nails Lovely Mimi is eccentric to say the very least. Mimi and her husband made the move to Atlanta (the black Hollywood as they called it) and landed an opportunity to appear on the Love and Hip Hop spinoff. Mimi began working at a nail salon in town, found herself hanging out with none other than Tommie Lee, and brawling with some of Atlanta’s elite.

Lovely Mimi as she is known on social media, has a real name and that would be Myha Luong. Myha is Vietnamese, and grew up in the DMV (this explains a lot). She dropped out of school, and following the stereotype of most Vietnamese people she began doing nails (along with a very strong lack of math skills, I also didn’t get the nail gene either) at the age of 16, and then went on to open her first shop at the age of 24. She now owns multiple nail salons in several different cities. Her nail designs combined with her intense personality turned out to be a perfect recipe for social media fame.

Even before Instagram fame, Mimi had Remy. Remy, (@Remy_the_boss) Mimi’s husband, and Mimi have been together for over 7 years and they have two beautiful children, one boy and one girl together. Remy is black, and of course their children are black and Vietnamese (I can only pray my future children will be as cute as they are!). While Mimi is busy running her nail salons, and now filming for Love and Hip Hop, Remy is busy making music, in fact he produced Mimi’s new song (yes she makes music too, you know the whole hip hop part of Love and Hip Hop) “We Don’t Care” featuring 5ive.

Mimi owns a nail salon back in Maryland where she is from, which is now managed by her sister since she has relocated with her family to Atlanta. Mimi also quit The Glam Shop in ATL, and has opened a second location of her own in College Park.

Lovely Mimi is crazy over the top, she’s loud, she’s ghetto as all hell, and she may not be for everybody but you have to admit that she makes for great television. I mean look at the career Cardi B made for herself? I couldn’t stand Cardi when she first started to come up on Instagram, but once I got past all the ratchet, I totally became obsessed with her. Just like Cardi, it’s obvious that Mimi also has another side to her and as the season continues hopefully we will get to see it. That is if viewers will keep watching long enough to witness it. Recently Mimi has received a lot of bad press, and negative feedback for using the N word. If you’ve watched any of Mimi’s videos, or payed any attention to her on social media at all it’s clear that though she is Vietnamese, Mimi acts more “black” than anything else. According to her interviews, she grew up in the the projects in the DMV, predominatly around black people, and she went on to marry a black man. It’s not surprising at all that she has embraced black culture, however it is controversial and it is not appreciated by many. Trust me, I would know first hand. Being a Vietnamese-American myself, as well as being in a relationship with a black man, I have first hand experience with the cultural appropriation accusations. Though, let me make it clear that I don’t run around using the N word. Anyway, it’s not surprising that Mimi feels as though it’s okay for her to use the term, since she more than likely identifies with black culture and feels it isn’t inappropriate. It probably doesn’t bother her husband, or friends either but the rest of the black community can’t be expected to feel the same. Being non-black, and embracing the culture the way she has, has definitely caused her to loose points with society.

Check out Lovely Mimi now, attitude, swag, ass shots and all!


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