img_4049When Lyrica Anderson joined the third season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I was beyond skeptical…

Before the season even started, the previews of Lyrica and A1’s story line were terrfifying. The whole thing looked like a ratchet ass mess, and I was not impressed. This is where that whole saying ‘don’t judge a book by the cover’ comes into play once again. As the season went on and we were introduced to Lyrica, A1, and of course Pam, and Lyrica G they really began to grow on me. I think Lyrica is so down to earth and sweet, and A1 locked me in the moment he pulled out that waist trainer… As wrong as that was, man that shit was the definition of funny. As we got to see a glimpse of their personal lives I naturally began questioning their professional lives. Previous to season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I had never heard of Lyrica Anderson or A1 Bentley as I am sure many other people hadn’t, so I was like who the hell are these people? To be honest I didn’t expect much from Lyrica musically. Let’s be real here okay. Everyone in the city of L.A. is trying to make it, and the only reason why half of these people have half a leg to stand on is because of the idiot who invented auto tune. So again, I wasn’t expecting much, but let me tell you I was shocked! Lyrica has a beautiful voice! She did a performance on one of the episodes and I was blown away at her raw, natural talent!

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Lyrica’s song “Hello” that I really fell in love with her. That song had me all kinds of in my emotions! She sounds fabulous on the track, it’s an amazing song, and she looks bomb ass hell in the video. After I found the track I did some digging and it appears that Lyrica Anderson is quite the accomplished artist! I wish they would talk more about the music, and the industry on the show. All we see is a bunch of fighting, gossiping, and ratchetry. If you didn’t take the time out to Google these people you would have no idea half of them even worked.

who-is-lyrica-andersonLyrica Anderson is not only a singer but a song writer as well. Lyrica began writing at a young age, and has written for some of your favorite celebs such as; Chris Brown, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Tinashe, and many more. She has penned award winning tracks, such as Charice and Iyaz’s “Pyramid” which hit number one on the U.S. dance club songs charts. In 2012 Lyrica crossed over from writer, to singer. She released her first mixtape “King Me”, and followed it up with her EP “King Me 2” in 2014. In 2015 Lyrica dropped her debut studio album “Hello”, with songs featuring the likes of Ty Dollar Sign, Kevin Gates, Wiz Khalifa, and more. In 2013 Lyrica was nominated for a Grammy award, for her work on Beyonce’s self titled album “Beyonce”. Lyrica co-wrote, Beyonce’s “Jealous”.

Although Lyrica has had much success in her professional life, her personal life has been rather difficult from day one. Some of you may not know that Lyrica Anderson is in fact a twin. Unfortunately, both Lyrica and her twin sister Aida were born prematurely, and their premature birth resulted in many medical complications as they grew older. Aida, sadly passed away when the girls were just 3 years old due to illness. As a direct result of this tragic event Lyrica and Aida’s father left Lyrica and Lyrica’s mother Lyrica G after the passing of her sister. Lyrica has said that she has had no contact with her father since he left, but she does wish to someday find him, and make an attempt to reconnect. If we take the glass is half full approach to this, you could say that these awful events led to the tight knit relationship that Lyrica has with her mother. It is very clear from what we see on the show that the two are extremely close, and have a wonderful mother daughter bond, though her mom is a wee bit crazy at times…

lyrica-anderson-and-a1-bentleyWe saw A LOT of crazy from Lyrica Anderson’s mother Lyrica G, and A1 Bentley’s mother Pam. Lyrica and A1 are engaged when the season kicks off, and A1’s mother is living in their apartment with them, which creates quite a bit of turmoil. In turn leading Lyrica G to cop some major attitude towards Pam, and then well all hell just break loose. We got waist trainers popping out, cars being towed, punches being thrown, all sorts of mess! The madness between the warring families caused the soon to be Bentley’s to take their wedding plans into their own hands. As we saw on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood A1 and Lyrica decided to elope! Mr and Mrs. Bentley later told their mother’s about their elopement and Lyrica G took it the worst, her reaction ensuing major chaos.

We saw the family kee kee-ing towards the end of the season and for the sake of A1 and Lyrica’s marriage I pray these two can keep their mother’s playing nicely with one another. I hope that we will see Lyrica on season 4 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and I hope we hear more of her music. For Lyrica, I see no reason why crossing over from writer to singer will be anything but easy. Her voice is beautiful, and she very clearly has an amazing knack for words.

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