Makeup artist Mackenzie Hyatt gave birth to her beautiful baby boy last week!!!

Mackenzie and her mystery boo gave birth to their beautiful baby boy last week! Elias was born on June 24th 2017, 4 days before Mackenzie’s 21st birthday and a full week after her due date.

From her Instagram updates it looks like Mackenzie is fully embracing mother hood and looks god damn good doing it!

For those of you who may have missed the memo Mackenzie revealed that she was 5 months pregnant at the beginning of this year, and has updated us on her pregnancy journey ever since. In a YouTube video on her channel Mackenzie detailed how she found out she was pregnant, how she told her friends, family, and her man, and the circumstances around her becoming pregnant as well as her personal feelings on abortion.

The biggest question social media fans are asking is, who is Mackenzie’s baby daddy? Mackenzie has not and probably will not be revealing that information any time soon. But to answer the end all be all question for ya’ll, no, it was not a one night stand. Mackenzie revealed herself that she was in a long distance relationship, and for privacy reasons was not willing to reveal his identity to her supporters. Which, as disappointing as that is because every nosey mofo wants to know, you have to respect it. Relationships are certainly difficult enough, especially when you add a surprise pregnancy into the mix, the added pressure of the publics opinions on social media is really just not necessary for some couples. So respect the girl ok?

Congratulations to Mackenzie on the arrival of her baby boy! It looks like mother hood is the perfect fit for this lady!

Look how Mackenzie slayed throughout her pregnancy though:

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