Miss Wendy Le VS. Kim Thai

Miss Wendy Le recently let the shade flow all through her Twitter TL. One tweet in particular took shots at beauty YouTuber Kim Thai.

Kim Thai recently posted a somewhat controversial video to her YouTube channel. We’ve really reached a point in time where I think OG YouTuber’s are truly running out of content ideas, so here we are in 2018 watching vlogs of them grocery shop because we were sucked in by a totally unrelated video title. Anyway, Kim’s recent video titled “First Time at a Mexican Store” needless to say got a lot of mixed reviews.

Kim’s boyfriend is Mexican, and it’s nice to see that they are bonding by getting to know each other’s cultures a bit better. In this vlog he takes her to a Mexican market, and shows her around and explains some of the different types of food to her. A few comments upset several Twitter users and they didn’t hesitate to voice their opinions, Miss Wendy Le being one of them…

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