Rachel Bush preaches natural beauty and admits to having her lip filler removed on her Instagram story.

Rachel Bush, wife of Buffalo Bills player Jordan Poyer has always preached natural beauty, and made it a point to make sure that her fan base knows that her banging body is ALL natural. Rachel regularly uploads her workout routines, mini clips of what she eats through out her day and workout advice for new mothers. There is no doubting that she has and continues to work hard for her body!

Shortly after Kylie Jenner revealed to the world that she had her infamous lip fillers removed, Bush confirmed suspicions that she did indeed have filler put in her top lip. Rachel also admitted to having the filler removed several weeks ago, following the mindset of “practice what you preach”. The young mother says she has realized that natural beauty is most important. As a mother to a young daughter her honesty, and mindset is admirable.

Lip fillers, other injectables and invasive surgeries are more popular than ever, which isn’t necessarily the problem our society has today. I think most would attest that the issue is the lack of honesty women have when it comes to the work they’ve had done. Not revealing, or lying about plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures leads young girls to believe that they should naturally look a certain way, when in reality the appearances being portrayed are obtained in un-natural ways. Young girls need to know the difference between what is naturally achieved and what is not.


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