queen-pee-karla-j-princess-p-closetFestivities begin in L.A. today for the opening of Pilar Vargas’ highly anticipated new boutique; Princess P. Closet.

queen-pee-pilar-vargas-storeQueen Pee is an online entrepreneur, and this will be her first brick and mortar establishment. Princess P. Closet is a one stop shop! Need a gown? Buy or RENT one here! Need a fur coat? Buy or rent one here! Looking for a mixture of trendy, moderately priced clothing, and high end pieces? Look no further! Jewelry? Check. Jeans? Check. Swim suits? CHECK. Everything you need is one place!

Not only will the store be a one stop shopping hub, it will also be a gathering space! Queen Pee will be holding her own seminars, and arranging others to be held within the store, as well as holding meet and greets and viewings!

I have to give Pilar props for originality with this one! Stores and boutiques are a dime a dozen, however Princess P. Closet is more than just a store! It is a center, it is a hub, it’s a hangout, it’s the new hot spot!

karla-jara-princess-p-closetrA unique, and what just so happens to be my favorite feauture of this store is the rental offering. There are not many establishments that exist that provide the option of renting expensive pieces rather than buying them. Special event gowns can cost hundreds of dollars, and let’s be real your only going to wear the thing once. If you want to resell something you’ve purchased resale value is never high enough, and if you opt for purchasing from a consignment shop unless you get super, super lucky you are not going to be finding anything that is still up to date and in style, let alone lucky enough to find it in your size! Queen Pee has truly expanded on a very original idea. I have a feeling her rental program will be a huge hit amongst teenage girls, and young women who are on a budget!

princess-p-closetAnother unique offering from Princess P. Closet are the membership programs! Now I am not talking about any regular, swipe your card and earn some points so you can get $3.00 of your 100th purchase kind of membership program. Queen Pee doesn’t do anything average, and this membership is FAR from average. These membership programs come with a monthly fee that give you access to great offers! For example, the VIP membership costs $69.99 a month, and with it you receive: 20% off all of your store purchases, reduced rental fees ($40-$60 gown and fur rentals, usually cost $129-$200 for gowns and $250-$300 for furs), half off of any seminar tickets, priority status for all meet and greets, and a complimentary gift every time you visit the store! Cool right?

This is only the beginning!

Today opening events will begin and continue on for several days! There will be multiple parties, Karla will be hosting a seminar on the 13th for makeup lovers, and they will be rounding up the weekend with a viewing of the LHHH finale with cast member Masika Kalysha!

Congratulations Pilar and Karla! You are both so talented and inspiring! Wishing you lots of luck on your new business endeavor!


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  1. Isabel peixinho
    November 15, 2016 at 4:18 pm (1 year ago)

    Hi do you do online ordering

    • Britt
      November 15, 2016 at 4:57 pm (1 year ago)

      What do you mean more specifically?

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