Rich Dollaz turned Rich Daddy.

Richie Dollaz has included his teenage daughter Ashley for the second time on the show Love and Hip Hop. Last season we saw Rich’s ex, Miracle, drop her daughter Ashley off to spend some quality time with daddy Dollaz. During season 6 of Love and Hip Hop, Ashley was 16, and devulged in front of cameras, and her FATHER, that she had lost her virginity. Uhmmmm… awkard. Though it was an interesting father/daughter bonding moment. Things went a little left after Ashley went and got her belly button pierced without permission. When her mother caught wind of the piericng via social media, she jumped on the first plane she could find to come drag Ashley away from Rich, and out of New York City.

This season, Ashley is back! Ashley is spending quality time with her father, and makes it very clear she wants it all to be about her! The bond between Rich and his daughter is actually kind of adorable. It’s evident that even though Rich hasn’t been a full time presence in her life she’s still very much a daddy’s girl.

ashley-dollazThing’s get SUPER awkward when Rich tries to introduce Ashley to his new girlfriend, Jade. From what Rich says he’s over Moniece, has left that creep life and is ready to finally settle down. Things had reportedly been going pretty well between Rich and Jade… that is until Ashley feasted eyes on her. Rich set’s up a dinner with Ashley, and Ashley is very surprised when she sits down at the table and see’s 3 place settings. When she asked her dad who the third plate was for he explained that Jade was in town and he wanted Ashley to meet her. Right off the rip it is clear that Ashley is NOT having it. Enter Jade. Jade walks through the door, and we are all thinking the same thing, including Ashley; this bitch is young! Richie D upgraded when he left Moniece for this preppy 20 something year old. Not only is she closer in age to Ashley than she is to Rich, which Ashley oh so quickly pointed out, she came prancing through the door with some booty shorts on! Huntyyyyy, your going to meet your boyfriend’s teenage daughter, and you thought it was appropriate to be dressed up like her and her friends, and with your ass hanging out on top of it? That right there proves that this woman is not mature enough to take on the title of step mommy. Ashley gets her jabs in with Jade, and needless to say dinner does not end on the brightest of notes.

richie-d-daughterIf you didn’t already love Ashley before, I know you love her now. This girl is fiesty and I love it. Ashley is 17 years old and lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her mother Miracle. Miracle is extremely religious, and raised Ashley to embrace religion as well. As we can see on the show, Ashley seems extremely mature for her age, and clearly has a great head on her shoulders. She is a senior in highschool, and will graduate in June 2017. Ashley is apart of her schools cheer squad, an honor student, and plans to attend Clark Atlanta University post graduation.

richie-d-and-his-daughter-ashleyYou can find Ashley on Instagram (@Asshhlleeyy), and it appears that she has joined her father in business! In her bio you are directed to contact her management for model bookings, at: This isn’t surprising. Ashley is a chip off the old block, and her mother Miracle is stunning! Richie D is going to be chasing these college boys off with a bat next year! In this weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop Richie mentions at the tail end, that while Ashley is staying with him she will begin learning the ropes at Dollaz unlimited. I as the rest of you am very interested to see how this goes over!!! Lol. I’m excited to see more of Ashley this season, and hopefully in more seasons to come. She is the kind of young role model I would love to see on television! Not to mention the daddy-daughter relationship Richie Dollaz has with his daughter makes my heart melt.

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  1. Kate
    January 9, 2017 at 6:08 pm (1 year ago)

    Sorry his daughter was totally disrespectful. It’s not cute. It’s a spoiled selfish brat!#

    • Britt
      January 9, 2017 at 6:46 pm (1 year ago)

      Your opinion is your opinion… but the ultimate disrespect is calling a person an it. That’s not okay, and that’s certainy not cute.

  2. Valerie
    January 14, 2017 at 4:11 pm (1 year ago)

    I agree ⬆️⬆️. Super disrespectful

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