Has everyone seen #SaltBae?

Twitter is apparently living for this sexy man… and his meat. Salt Bae is a Turkish man who apparently has made it big on the internet with over 1 million followers on Instagram… for his meat skills? Find Salt Bae on Instagram @nusr_et.

As a vegetarian, I’m pretty grossed out, but at the same time I cannot stop looking. Look at Salt Bae… he’s yummy! It’s like a car wreck you just can’t stop watching.

Salt Bae owns the Nusr-Et steak house chain across Turkey and Dubai.

It’s hilarious that the internet has become so obsessed with this man, who from my deductive skills appears to be some sort of master butcher, as well as restaurant owner.

His real name appears to be Nusret Gökçe, but other than Salt Bae is a total mystery, well that is unless you know Turkish. Which I do not, so translating his Instagram page is sort of an impossible task.





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