sophia-miacovaSophia Miacova is so undeniably gorgeous, and she is definitely body goals, but there’s a lot more than you may realize behind her gorgeous face and hot bod.

Sophia Miacova is a well known Instagram model, fitnes guru, and vegan lifestyle representative. Sophia has over 2 million Instagram followers, over 60,000 YouTube subscribers and so on. She is growing on social media at a rapid pace and this Texas native has made quite a name for herself.

sophia-miacova-boyfriendSophia originally gained popularity on social media via Vine, with her ex boyfriend and fellow vine star Rory Westfield. Sophia’s current boyfriend who we see plastered all over her social media pages is named Eli, and needless to say, they are totally adorable. On social media she seems super fun, super sweet, and very down to earth.

Of course you think Sophia Miaocova you think uhm, body goals! However, although Sophia is a fitness guru and certainly someone to model your workout regimen after what is so beloved about Sophia is her vegan lifestyle. More and more these days we are seeing many people embracing a vegan lifestyle for a myriad of different reasons. For Sophia Miacova it seems to be all about the animals. Sophia is a self proclaimed animal lover and has expressed her intense love for all living things on many occasions. In a YouTube video, Sophia explains why she has chosen to live a vegan lifestyle and part of her explanation was a truly touching sentiment. “From childhood on we are conditioned to detach from animals, we accept cats and dogs and everything else as subject to our wrath. To delusion kids we shape the bodies of chickens into stars, dinosaurs, and letters, this makes it appealing for kids to eat. We tell them to drink their milk if they want strong bones and to be healthy. We draw a smiley face sophia-miacova-modelwith whipped cream on their pancakes because it is appealing. We are disguising the ugly truth of all these foods. Then we go to the grocery store and we walk down the aisles with chips, cereals, snacks, frozen meals that strategically have bright colors, big font and animals as characters to lure kids in with the packaging. It is not the kids fault. Our food industry is sick. To put a smiley animal character on a package of food that contains animal products is a huge false advertisement. If images of the animals living conditions, video clips of their torment and ingredients were listed as they actually are (example: Gelatin) people at a young age would be disgusted and would not eat them”.

If that didn’t touch your heart, you must not have one.

At the young age of 23 Sophia Miacova is such an amazing role model for many out their whom are interested in living a healthy lifetsyle not only for themselves, but to benefit all living creatures on this planet as well. In a Q&A article with Sophia shares a quote that she personally lives by, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Gandhi.

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