Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with new beau, rapper Travis Scotts’ baby?! TMZ says YES!!!

TMZ just reported that inside sources who are close friends of both Kylie and Travis have been told first hand that Kylie is pregnant with a girl!

Sounds too wild to be true right??? I’m shook just writing this. Kylie who has only been dating the rapper for a few months, previously commented that she was not ready to have children when she was in a long term relationship with her ex, Tyga. At 20 year’s old, and with her already insane business schedule, it’s not surprising that she would be hesitant to have a child.

Honestly the reports sound like complete BS, I mean, unless it comes from a Kardashian themselves, it’s very likely that the reports are very false. However fans are doing a good job of convincing us that this rumor may be true.

For starters, Kylie’s infamous Instagram profile has eyebrows raised. Her last upload, from two days ago was an old photo of her posing with a long blonde hair style in a bodysuit and corset. This along with several other photos that have recently been uploaded to her page appear to be older, many of which are from during the time she was filming her new show ‘Life of Kylie’  which is airing now on E!.




A lot of people are also picking apart her snap chats of recent. One of which shows bestie Jordan Woods and others posing in crops tops, which Kylie also happens to be known for, yet she’s wearing baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt that is clearly 10x her size. Trying to cover up a baby bump maybe??? People have also caught on to the fact that most of her selfies and selfie videos of late have only shown her from the chest up. All of this combined has fans raising a lot of questions. Could Kylie really be pregnant?

People Mag also reported that rumor has it Kylie is due in February, and bother her and Travis are super excited about the new addition to the family!


Fans and non fans are all up in Kylie’s comments asking about the baby, maybe now that the whole world thinks they know, Kylie will make a statement. I mean, Tyga already did… He says it’s his baby!

What do you think? Does Kylie Jenner have bun in her oven or nah?

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