As the years have gone by its no secret that the quality, and legitimacy of the Love and Hip Hop casts have declined… but DAMN I think we’ve hit a new low with the cast of Love and Hip Hop Miami.

Trick Daddy hasn’t produced any music since I don’t even know when, I mean, I had to hit his Wikipedia page just to figure out where he’s even been for the past decade and a half. Between martial issues (which shocker is his main story line for the show), financial troubles, including allegedly going broke and filing multiple bank rupacy’s, and medical issues surrounding his battle with Lupus, Trick ain’t been on the music scene in years. I’d assume given the age bracket of most viewers these days, they probably don’t even know who he is, or of his former music career. I’m just really not seeing what enticed whoever made the decision to add him to the cast.

Trick Daddy isn’t the only cast member whom I’d go out on a limb to label as a lame. The entire cast, besides maybe Trina seems to be just as, if not more fake, staged, obnoxious, and dramatic than the rest of the Love and Hip Hop branches.

Tune in if you’re super interested in finding out what happens between Trick Daddy and his estranged wife Joy… I bet it’s going to make for some great television…

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