graciii3Dancers and bartenders in NYC are a dime a dozen, but a select few have used the hip hop lifestyle to their advantage and landed some major come ups.

graciii3-bartenderGracie, known as Graciii3 on all social media is one of the top bartenders in NYC also turned model. Gracie runs the strip club scene in NYC, what I would consider and call her home base would be one of the top rated hip hop strip clubs in the country; Starlets. Starlets of NY is located in Queens, which seems to be home to many of the popular strip clubs, including City Scapes and Aces New York. I actually ventured to Starlets one night last year under the pretense of being a dancer, something about the hip hop lifestyle intrigued me, and of course, money talks. I was under age at the time so I couldn’t go out to clubs to drink or socialize, so my only insight into that world was what I saw on TV or in video clips and Instagram pictures. When I went in the first night I felt like I had stepped into a whole other world. Gracie was actually there that night bartending, she headlined “Power Ball Sunday’s” every week. From the studying I had done of the Starlet’s Instagram page, Sunday night was the night that they pulled out their best girls. I regularly stalked Gracie on social media, I was mesmerized by her, her lifestyle seemed so glamorous and fun. Who wouldn’t enjoy partying with some of the hottest celebs, being flown from city to city to host parties, and appearing in music videos? I know I would. Long story short dancing wasn’t for me, it was a cool experiment though, as I left the club early that night, and by early I mean like 2 a.m. I ran into one of the owners outside. He was so nice we chatted for quite a while and I told him I’d prefer to bartend. I explained to him how I was fascinated by Gracie, and I wanted to build a career like hers. Needless to say that didn’t happen, but he told all about Gracie and how she got her start at Starlets.

Gracie, which I assume is her real name is extremely private. On all social media she goes by Graciii3 and her last name seems to be a huge secret. Her origins are somewhat unknown. In one interview she says she’s from New York City, when asked what borough or neighborhood she is from she chooses not to disclose any extra information and simply responds by saying she doesn’t claim one neighborhood since she moved around the entire city a lot. In a different interview Gracie says that she’s from New Jersey, soooo… which is it? Other than this my extensive research has turned up basically nothing. I do know she has some cute puppies though!

graciii3-nycInstagram is really the only way to learn about Gracie, and the knowledge is limited. What we do know is she is apparently of Japanese descent, lives somewhere in the NYC/ Jersey area and she was once featured on MTV as a Wild’n Out girl. She travels frequently, hosting shows and parties in different venues and night clubs and appears in the occasional music video, like Meek Mill’s “Burn”. Gracie often posts about her brother, who passed away for unbeknown reasons at a young age. Gracie appears to be friends with fellow bartender turned model Bernice Burgos, and a handful of other hot models. Believe it or not Gracie has never had a boyfriend, or at least a boyfriend that we know of. She is rumored to be featured on La La Anthony’s up and coming show on VH1 centering on NYC night life. Oh yeah and her boobs are fake. If you were hoping to learn anything more than that I think your shit out of luck, unless you ask her yourself.

If you’d like to, you can catch Gracie these days hopping from club to club, whether it be Starlets, Aces New York, or City Scapes this baddie is around.

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