Who is Celina Powell, better yet, who cares??????????

For those of you who do, Celina Powell claims that she is the mother of Offset’s unborn baby. Under normal circumstances, I’d say well who cares, what’s one more stripper, or Instagram model out here trying to claim their way to fame via an unborn fetus. However, the internet is popping off at the moment since this announcement comes on the heels of several rumors surrounding breeches of infidelity on Offsets part.

Could Celina REALLY be growing the Migos’ members child in her womb??? Powell claims she met the rapper at a music festival in February, and that would just so happen to be the night their alleged child was concieved.

According to an interview with Celebrity Insider Celina is 1000% sure that Offset is the father of her child, and she intends to prove it to the world with a DNA test. We’ll all be waiting on the edge of our seats for that one…

Now, let’s get down to what really matters… DOES CARDI BELIEVE THE CELINA DRAMA OR NAH? Amid Celina’s claims that she tried to contact Cardi in private to drop the baby momma drama, Cardi may have ignored her, but she did take the time to address the original cheating rumors like a freaking boss. Beyonce is proud I know that. At a concert performance, Cardi left the audience in awe as she adapted what is now probably one of queen Bey’s most famous lines “I let a nigga know though, you pull that shit again, you gon lose your wife”. WE’RE SHOOK.

Cardi appears to be standing beside her fiance, and ignoring the prosepct of becoming a step mother once again. Offset is insistent that he’s never even met the Instagram model, and definitely did not father her baby. Though to Celina’s defense, their is a video floating around that TMZ has reported, showing Celina on FaceTime with Offset. To Offset’s defense, this is apparently not the first or second time Celina Powell has cried “baby daddy”. In her Instagram post announcing the pregnancy she even admits to her priors stating, “I know y’all like ‘this bitch done faked hella pregnancies'”. Offset joins the “whose the daddy” list along with fellow rappers, Chief Keef, and everyones favorite baby daddy, Fetty Wap. The 22 year old has also had relations with multiple other entertainers including, O’ Shea Jackson JR., Dwight Howard. Waka Flocka also reportedly took out a restraining order against Celina Powell because she was apparently stalking him!

Celina has gone private on Instagram, but continues to use her lame Twitter account to respond to her haters, and retweet every single article that is being written about her on the blogs. Seems to anyone with half a brain cell that this woman is LIVING for her 15 minutes of fame. I’m not sure what’s actually more tragic, the fact that the world is giving this wanna be even one ounce of their attention, or the fact that she might actually being growing a real live human inside of her and at some point she’s going to have to raise the small human, which I am sure is going to go over REAL FUCKING WELL.


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