who-is-cyn-santanaPetition to bring Cyn Santana and Joe Budden back to Love and Hip Hop!!!

Lmao I’m playing ya’ll. Well not really, I mean if Cyn Santana made her way back to my TV screen I would not be complaining, I could do without Joe though.

cyn-santana-and-joe-buddenCyn Santana is now known as the girlfriend of none other than Joe Budden. Let’s rewind to 2014, when you heard the name Cyn Santana, you automatically thought, Erica Mena’s girlfriend. Cyn Santana is more than just a girlfriend but that’s often over looked.

Cyn is of Dominican and Salvadorian descent and let me tell you honey, she is one hot latina. This stunning 24 year old was hustling way before she made her way to being part of the Love and Hip Hop cast.

Cyn Santana earned internet recognition by making hilarious parody videos of celebrities like Kat Stacks, and my personal favorite Nicki Minaj. Cyn’s impressions of Nicki are dead on, and so funny. Most people have no clue that Cyn had made a name for her self before she was casted to Love and Hip Hop. From their, Cyn landed herself coveted spots in several music videos for big name artists such as Drake, 2 Chainz, and Nas.

It is easy to assume that this is how Cyn ran into fellow video vixen, and future girlfriend, Erica Mena. Cyn met Erica Mena, and the two began dating. Sincer Erica was a cast member of Love and Hip Hop, Cyn of course made her way on to the show. During this time Cyn was bartending at the popular Queens strip club, Starlets of NY. We actually see Cyn in the club, and setting up the bar while Erica comes in to talk to her before work in one episode. The relationship was… rocky to say the least.

First of all, no one ever knew if the relationship was real or not. As you could probably imagine, it’s not everyday you see two hot, previously heterosexual women making out in their lingerie on TV. So the skepticism was definitely real. Both Cyn and Erica maintained to the public that the relationship was legitimate and not at all for TV ratings, though we all know those two sent ratings through the freaking roof! As of a recent interview with now boyfriend Joe, Cyn continues to maintain that her relationship with Erica was very real, though she does set the record straight that she is not a lesbian (obviously) and never was. Creep squad member Richie D caused major turmoil within the relationship as he continued to pursue Erica. Cyn and Erica ended up going their separate ways, and Erica went on to become engaged to rapper Bow Wow shortly after splitting from Cyn. Both Cyn and Erica left the show around the same time.

cyn-santana-starletsNot only is she a video vixen, bartender, and reality TV star, uhm, Cyn can sing too! Erica wasn’t the only one trying to make a record that season. Let’s not forget that Cyn made a beautiful tribute song called “How Can You Leave?” dedicated to her deceased brother. Cyn opened up on the show, and over social media about the painful death of her brother as a result of committing suicide. Because of that Cyn has dedicated part of her life to bringing awareness to suicide prevention. Along with “How Can You Leave” Cyn has also come out with a remix to Designer’s “Panda”, as well a remix to “Luv” by Torey Lanez, which I am a fan of.

Oh there’s more. Cyn Santana has also come out with her own clothing like called “NU” which you can find at ShopsNU.com. The clothes are so cute, they carry a large range of sizes, and most importantly it is reasonably priced compared to most celebrity lines. “NU is not for the faint of heart,” Santana told VIBE. It is for the confident and fearless woman ready to conquer her world, the confident and brave women who aren’t afraid to feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether she’s in the office or having a night on the town”. Her huge social media presence has helped the brand immensly. Cyn’s Instagram is home to just shy of 2 million Cyn Santana fans.

I love Cyn for one simple reason; she’s so real. I am feel like Cyn oozes such a genuine ora. From her times on Love and Hip Hop, which is when I first became familiar with her to now, Cyn has continued to show realness, and remain down to earth even with continued success in her business and personal life. Plus, she’s a fire cracker. Like I said, this girl needs to make her way back to Love and Hip Hop! She is real entertainment, and although I’m not a huge Joe Budden fan, I’m willing to get on board with him if that means bringing Cyn back to TV. Mariah Lynn can go, Young B can go, Sky can go. They can all go, except Cardi, Cardi needs to stay, and Yandy, and Kimbella and Remy. We need the Love and Hip Hop OG women back, not these whack ass newbies. They don’t make for good entertainment. Like, Cardi is the only new one that is entertaining and worth television time, the rest just aren’t up to par. That has nothing to do with their music or their work, I am not hating on that, I am hating on their boring ass personalities. I WANT CYN BACK!

Cyn and Joe Budden have been dating for some time now, and just celebrated their first Christmas as a couple. In an cyn-and-joe-buddeninterview Cyn admits that she has known Joe for about 6 years, and even while filming at the same time for Love and Hip Hop she was never interested in him, and thought he was a major dick. Lol. Both agreed that their relationship grew from a friendship, and it all happened very slowly and organically. For their sake I hope this relationship turns out better than Cyn’s relationship with Erica, and Joe’s relationship with Tahiry, because Cyn might just be crazier than Joe’s ex ting. And that is saying A LOT.

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