mariah-lynnUp and coming rapper Mariah Lynn has made her way to our TV screens for a second time! She has joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop for another season, and she seems to be doing much better than she was during the last.

who-is-mariah-lynnMariah Lynn was a newbie on season 6 of Love and Hip Hop, and the show pretty much put her on the map. Before the show aired nobody knew who Mariah Lynn was. Mariah is a New Jersey native, who has led a troubling life until very recently. As we saw last season her mother has struggled with addiction for many years, which landed her in jail for theft while Mariah was filming. In an inteview with VLAD Mariah admits that her mother’s addiction issues ended up landing her in the foster care system as a child, simultaneously while her father was in and out of jail. Even though her mother has continued to struggle with addiction, Mariah is always there for her. Not only does Mariah continue to support her mother, she also helps take of her younger sister, and her nephew. If one thing can be said about Mariah it is that she is all about her family. How many people would sitck by their families having gone through everything she has gone through? I can’t say that I could so easily forgive. For that, Mariah is a saint.

Mariah has been very open and honest about her life, and her past, which is commendable. In order to support herself, her dream, and her family, Mariah began stripping to earn enough money to pay her bills, and pay for studio time. No one was willing to work with her for free, no one was willing to make the investment, so she had to invest in herself. Her big break came when she was discovered by DJ Self, and when she was casted to join LHHNY. Joining the cast helped to grow her fan base, as well as promote herself and her music. DJ Self also played a huge role in getting Mariah’s records, and the name Mariah Lynn in people’s faces.

As far as the show goes, Mariah has found herself in a bit of drama. Last season it was the love triangle with Ciso and Richie D, and this season she found herself dragged into a situation between her friend Bianca, and her new friend Sky. Mariah catches a lot of flack, for being a rather skinny girl but when it comes to throwing down, this girl can hang with the rest of them. She’s tiny, but she’s scrappy, and she sure as hell is not scared. Mariah Lynn can hold her own.

Mariah grew up between Jersey City and Newark, she may look like your typical white girl, but you know there is something else going on there. Mariah is actually of Puerto Rican descent. She got that Latina fire in her! According to Ms. Lynn, her father was born in Aibonito, Puerto Rico.

Interestingly enough her birthday has been a bit of a hot topic. According to websites like Mariah Lynn was born on July 17th 1990, making her 26 years old. However people all over message boards and forums, are claiming that the blonde rapper is lying about her age and that she is actually 37 years old and her birthday is really September 21st 1979. Twitter users have mentioned this discrepancy in age numerous times but nothing has come of the comments.

mariah-lynn-amber-roseMariah has two noteable songs, “Money Gun”, and “Once Upon A Time”. The latter being a tribute to her hoe-like ways. On a recent episode of season 7 of Love and Hip Hop, Mariah was offered a deal by DJ Self, but ultimately she decided not to sign with Self and ripped up his contract. Mariah also previously severed ties with her former manager Rah Ali. It appears that Mariah is a free agent, and an independent artist, even thoug she has claimed on Twitter that she has taken several meetings recently in regards to signing a record deal with what she calls “major labels”. It is unclear how much money, if any, that Mariah has made from her music, but we do know that she’s most likely making a pretty penny from filming for Love and Hip Hop. Several sites have cited her net worth to be around $150,000. Whether that is accurate or not is unknown.

We will have to keep up with the rest of season 7 to see what else Mariah Lynn is going to be up to.

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  1. Majorette
    February 6, 2017 at 7:35 pm (1 year ago)

    I am like Rich Dollar on this one: Mariahlynn rap is just trash.

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