Who is Tyga’s hot new girlfriend?!?!?!

Now that KYGA is officially over, (sad face) it looks like Tyga is back on the market. It’s not surprising that the relationship between Kylie Jenner, and Tyga didn’t last. Let’s be real, the relationship was doomed from day 1. Reminder, Tyga’s baby mother and fiance, Blac Chyna was besties with Kim Kardashian before Tyga broke off their engagement to date a 16 year old Kylie. Not to mention, the added relationship stress when Chyna began dating Kylie’s brother Rob. Making Kylie King’s (Tyga and Chyna’s son) step-mom/step-aunt. Weird. Shit got even weirder when Blac Chyna became pregnant with Rob’s baby, and then again when the two got engaged. KYGA tried to survive through it all, yet ultimately the relationship failed apparently due to Tyga’s loyalty to Chyna when it came to the relationship and parenting issues between she and Rob. Of course, while Tyga was busy taking Chyna’s side, Kylie was busy taking Rob’s, putting major strain on their relationship according to friends family sources.

Today, new photos surfaced of Tyga out, and getting a bit affectionate with a new chick whom many can’t help but to point looks a bit like his former flame (though I personally don’t think so, other than a stunning 24 inch waist line, and a love for crop tops I don’t see the uncanny resemblance everyone is freaking out over). It looks like Tyga might have a bit of a Reggie Bush thing going on, (if you haven’t seen a photo of his wife already please Google, the resemblance to Kim is actually quite disturbing, not to mention their daughter is an exact copy of North West!).

So who is Tyga’s new chick?

Tyga’s new bae is named Jordan Ozuna, and Tyga is not the first celeb she has allegedly dated. According to TMZ, Jordan Ozuna used to bang the Biebs a few years back. I’m truly not sure which guy is worse. Anyway, Jordan apparently used to be a Hooters girl (still bitter that I was turned down by Hooters, although that was pre-boob job) in Vegas, as well as a bottle girl before she wound up in L.A. Jordan Ozuna, is actually her married name according to an interview her mother-in-law Kim did back when Jordan was reportedly living with Justin Beiber. It seems that Jordan was married young, and the couple had been separated for quite awhile before she hooked up with the Biebs.

Tyga looks like he may be getting back at Kylie for her little display at Coachella with Travis Scott, as for Jordan she seems to be keeping it casual since she’s running around telling the world she and Tyga are just friends. Do I smell a come up? Even if she isn’t trying Jordan Ozuna is definitely the one winning in this situationship, an ex Hooters girl is now dating a famous rapper! On the other hand, Tyga has down graded from the Kardashian budget, to a waitress budget. Who the hell is going to his bills now?

Unforunately for us Jordan has made her Instagram page @jiordyn private after the photos of her and Tyga were taken. Feel free to immerse yourself in Twitter’s reactions instead:



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