What could the reason be for Aaron Hernandez’s suicide?

Suicide is often categorized as one of the most selfish things a person could do. Was Aaron Hernandez’s reasoning selfish, or selfless? The masses are speculating that the former NFL player could have committed suicide in order to ensure his toddler age daughter millions upon millions of dollars.

Of course, as the news of Aaron Hernandez’s suicide came to light many began wondering why the former New Englad Patriot would make such a devastating decision after he was just acquitted of a separate case, in which he was being put on trial for a double homicide. For most people this would have been something to celebrate, not something that would drive one to kill themselves. Many jumped to the obvious alternate conclusion that Aaron Hernandez did not kill himself, but was murdered, possibly by fellow inmates or even by prison staff.

Hernandez’s attorney did open an investigation against the prison and reports came back that he died alone in cell, due to asphixiation by hanging. They also found card board jamming the cell door to prevent entry, as well as 3 letters next to a bible which was opened to a specific verse, which he had written across his forehead before he died. Meanwhile social media is still going open season with other possible scenarios. The most popular being that Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in a last ditch attempt to collect the remainder of his contract with the New England Patriots. Forgetting all the technical and legal jargon, basically, the thought is that because he was in the middle of repealing his homicide conviction in regards to the murder of Odin Lloyd, he died aa a not guilty man. Rumor has it that Massachutesetts state law considers someone to be not guilty if they die while still on trial. If this is true, people are figuring that Hernandez’s family may be entitled to the remainder of what is owed to him from his contract with the New England Patriots, which would be millions of dollars. However the likeliness that that will happen is slim to none. Even without a murder conviction Aaron Hernandez was still in breech of his NFL contract, and a settlement was already previously made with the NFL and Hernandez after his arrest, and termination from the NFL. Though, it is thought that because Aaron played three seasons in the NFL he is owed a pension, that now his daughter could possibly receive if she was named his beneficiary.

Speculation has also led people to believe that Aaron Hernandez was trying to cover up his sexuality. According to news outlets the three letters he left behind were addressed to his fiance, his daughter, and his gay prison lover. They are also siting that the prison has now put his lover on suicide watch after his death. If this is true, the accusations that Hernandez murdered Lloyd for threatening to out him may be rather reasonable.

Family and friends continue to protest that his death was a suicide and are placing blame on a brain condition Aaron may have suffered from due to a previous concussion. Tests are being done on his brain to determine if chronic traumatic encephalopathy could have played part in his death. CTE is a highly common condition found amongst NFL players, and has been linked to being the cause of several former NFL players suicide’s.



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