Kim K Leveled Up Nail Piercings


Pierced nails certainly aren’t new, but  Kim Kardashian’s new nail piercing chain is turning the heat up on accessorizing your manicure. Check out this bomb snap chat of Kim showing off her super edgy new nail piercing: Mom approved? I’m not sure how practical this nail piercing/ chain is when it comes to changing diapers […]

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Fashion Nova Discount Codes!


Fashion Nova Discount Codes… You are so welcome in advance! Get your shop on! Karla Jara- KARLAJXO India Love- INDIA Wendy Le- WENDYLE Amber Oatman- AMBERXO Britttany Murillo- THEEONLYB Briana Murillo- XOBRIBRI Tara Wallace- XOTARAW Of course there are many many more out there from your favorite social media influencers, but here are a few! […]

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Kim Kardashian Has a Lip Ring?


Kim has miraculously returned to social media, and she did it with a lip ring. Kim Kardashian took a major social media hiatous after she was robbed in Paris in October. After going ghost on all social media outlets she has recently resurfaced with some beautiful family photos. After uploading intimate family moments with her […]

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How To Wear Sweats With Heels


Two things that you would never even think of pairing together: sweats, and heels. You think sweat pants, you most likely think sneakers, flip flops, maybe UGGs. You think heels, you probably think dresses, skirts, maybe jeans. Most people aren’t pulling their comfy sweats out and thinking, let me pair these with a pair of […]

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Pink Moon Lounge Wear Review


Ladies. Ya’ll need this shit. Men. Ya’ll need to buy your woman this shit. Pink Moon Lounge Wear went viral after their design for brilliantly sexy, and comfortable velvet booty shorts went viral. Girls around the world were on a manhunt to figure out where the hell these shorts came from. My search lead me […]

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New Trend Alert: Corsets & Corset Belts


I feel like sometimes all I do is talk about the Kardashians but… I kind of just cant’t help it. Of recent, Kim Kardashian mini me Kylie Jenner set fire to a new trend, that she actually copied from her big sis. Corsets are far from new, their presence in the world of fashion has […]

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How to Wear Fish Nets in 2016


Fashion is a revolving thing, and trends come and go easily. However it’s safe to say that even when something goes out of style, it’s most likely that it’ll come back around again at some point. Fish nets is definitely one of those styles. I say fish nets, you think ’80’s, cocktail waitresses, vegas show […]

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Draya’s New Wave: Thigh Corsets


When Draya say’s she creates her own wave… she means it. Draya Michele made her way from reality TV to the world of fashion. First Mint Swim, to Fine Ass Girls, and now Beige and Coco, Draya has let everyone know she can hold her own in this industry. Today Draya launched her latest business, […]

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