The Kardashians, Hadids, and all of the Instagram models brought those ’90’s style sunglasses back for summer 2018. Cat frames if you will. Wanna know where to buy them? Keep reading…

Cat frames, those tiny, skinny, little sunglasses that look like they barely block out the sun somehow made their way into the latest Yeezy campaign, and Kim Kardashian-West once again sparked the revival of an old trend. Once the style icon was spotted with a pair, celebrities began popping up with them left and right. From there, Instagram models latched on and the trend took over.

One thing we can be thankful for is the fact that this new trend doesn’t have to hurt our bank accounts too much! Though our favorite luxury brands like Balmain, Louie Vuitton, Celine and Saint Laurent carry the trending glasses, those of use who can’t afford to drop a mortgage on a pair of sunglasses can turn elsewhere to find the cheaper versions. Check out inexpensive cat eye sunglasses just like your favorite celeb or Instagram model’s on… AMAZON!

There are several different types of cat frames to choose from; cat eye, rectangular, and circular/oval.

Cat eye frames: Cat eye frames, of the 3 are probably the most universally flattering for people but be aware that they may make your face look wider. Best for those of you with narrower and angular face shapes.

Rectangular frames: Best for oval and round shaped faces.

Circular/ Oval frames: Probably the least flattering of all 3 styles, but do the best magic on those with heart-shaped and square faces.


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