By now we’ve all seen the clad, sparkly, barely there dress, and whether you want to admit it or not, you know you want it!

Kendall’s birthday dress, or Paris’s birthday dress, but most recently Kendall’s birthday dress, er whatever you get what I’m saying is now for sale for us meer common folk. The icing on the cake is, it’s Paris Hilton approved.


In case you missed it, Kendall Jenner donned a $9,000 Swarvoski crystal encrusted mini dress to her 21st birthday party several days ago. The same night a stranger gifted the super model a Rolls Royce and she got so drunk she forgot (eerily Paris like as well). Kendall’s dress was inspired by the dress originally worn by Paris Hilton on her very own 21st birthday! Now a talented designer has recreated the dress once again (at a price we can afford) for the common people. If only this happened just a week earlier, I totally could’ve worn the Paris and Kendall inspired dress to my very own 21st birthday party!

💎💎💎 Handmade in LA "Hilton" dress available in black and gold metal mesh. Jeweled neck that adjust. @erika.ivone @femme_la

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A designer online boutique called Just Enaj has successfully recreated the dress and posted it for sale on their website. Paris Hilton gave the stunning dress her blessing with a like and a comment on the boutiqes Instagram page. Talk about recognition. buy-paris-hilton-birthday-dress

The dress is available on in the original silver, as well as black and gold for $269.00. Each dress is hand made to order and will take about a 7 day turn around, however there are expedited options to choose from at check out. Grab your Kendall and Paris inspired dress NOW before the price goes up!!!

kendalljenner-birthday-dress kendall-and-paris-dress buy-paris-inspired-birthday-dress

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