Coco AKA @coco_pinkprincess is a 6 year old who made it into Vogue. Yes, I repeat, this 6 year old, who doesn’t happen be the spawn of any famous celebrity couples has made her way into Vogue for one very surprising reason. She’s a fashion Icon!

When the original Vogue article went live back in December she had 12,000 Instagram followers, and a bad ass Insta feed. As of today, she has over 30,000 Instagram followers and an even more badass feed, as well as sense of style. Yesterday, a tweet about Coco went viral and once again we are all reminded that a 6 year old is way cooler than the rest of us.

Coco is from Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. She’s super cool, and her streety style is, well, dope. Coco isn’t “cute” in the traditional sense, she’s totally chic, badass, and rebellious, as rebellious as a 6 year old can be anyway. Basically, she’s the coolest teenager ever except in a 6 year olds body. Her looks are an intense, and totally fashion forward mixture of punk, street, and urban wear.

According to her parents, who happen to be into fashion as well and own their own vintage boutique called Funktique in Tokyo, Coco’s love for fashion developed extremely early, around the age of 3. Check out some of her killer looks:

Have you ever seen a 6 year old with a play boy bunny purse?

I can’t even afford Bur… let alone Burberry…

Coco the pink princess looking pretty in pink in Chanel!

Because what 6 year old doesn’t want a pink Carhart Beanie?

She looks like a G in pink fur!

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