draya-michelleWhen Draya say’s she creates her own wave… she means it.

Draya Michele made her way from reality TV to the world of fashion. First Mint Swim, to Fine Ass Girls, and now Beige and Coco, Draya has let everyone know she can hold her own in this industry.

Today Draya launched her latest business, Beige and Coco, and has once again proven she deserves a place in the world of design.

Beige and Coco is a collection by none other than Draya her self, and cater’s to women looking for casual yet “cocktail” pieces that are timeless and stunning. From the looks of the collection it is moderately priced, and highly elegant. Everything in the collection, is neutral. Black, white, and of course beige. The pieces are highly versitale, and could be mixed and matched in an endless number of ways to create stunning, sophisticated, casual and high end looks.

The real star of the collection though, is a rather new idea. Thigh Corsets. Wait what? Yeah that was my thought too. I had to hop on the site and see for myself, because I couldn’t even muster up an idea in my head.

draya-michelle-thigh-corsets beige-and-coco-thigh-corsetsLace up has been VERY in this season! Lace up boots, heels, dresses, jumpsuits, even leggings! Draya decided to take the concept of lace up to new levels. These thigh corsets, are exactly what they sound like! They are lace up corsets that go up your ankles to your thighs. Give yourself an edgy, fashion forward, new look with this new accessory. Pictured on the Beige and Coco site, the model is wear a pair of plain black heels with the thigh corsets, and black shorts. These corsets give you the ability to amp up any old outfit, from casual to major fashion week vibes! Not to mention turn any pair of plain jane heels into something to look at!

These innovative new corsets are only $59.00 on the Beige and Coco website and are completely adjustable so no worries when it comes to size! I have a feeling they are going to sell out fast! Make sure you give Draya her props! This one is a winner for sure.

Congratulations Draya!


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