Boho Chic Style Made Easy

Some 50 years after the Summer of Love, hippy chic styles continue to inspire, with brands like Anthony Vaccarrello or Céline paying homage to times gone by in Paris, London, New York, and Milan. Belgian firm Marylise, meanwhile, presented a knockout collection at the Barcelona Bridal Week with beautifully designed dresses that hark back to the glamor and soft femininity of 1970s fashion, ever so present in urban looks and sported by stylish celebrities – everyone from Nicole Richie right through to Sienna Miller, Reese Witherspoon, and Selena Gomez. If you are a millennial and are worried about getting the boho chic look right, the best piece of advice is not to go overboard. Start off by accessorizing, build up your confidence, and follow these tips for a look that will stand the test of time.

Boho chic materials and cuts

In general, hippy chic materials comprise either bright paisley-style prints or light cotton-based fabrics. Light and breezy is the word; forget tight-fitting outfits. Freedom, expression, and comfort are key to acing the boho chic look. You might pair an oversized cotton top (preferably with a square neckline and brightly colored embroidery) with skinny jeans  or a paisley dress with flat cowboy boots. A long floral- or paisley-printed skirt will also work well with a short top in a simple neutral hue like white. Try to blend ‘something old with something new’ for an updated take on this popular look.

Choosing the right accessories

A good pair of flat brown leather boots (think cowboy style or just below the knee) will add a nice touch to a hippy dress or top; additional accessories to own include leather bracelets, dangling earrings, and of course, the classic hippy metal: silver. Pair an Indian silver imperial necklace with a simple top and jeans; clip a vintage brooch onto your blazer, or use traditional imagery such as lotus flowers in your jewelry and hair accessories. Remember that less is more; that is, if you are opting for an oversized necklace, forego the dangling silver engraved earrings and vice-versa.

Flat shoes are key

A minimalist pair of leather sandals in the summer or flat boots are key when it comes to capping off this look to perfection. If you paint your toenails, stick to natural hues and try to select sandal styles that show off as much skin as possible. The key is to look as carefree and bare as possible in the summer; ideally, your sandals should be so simple it almost seems as though you’re walking barefoot!

Matching makeup

Nude is once again a favored look on the world’s top catwalks; when it comes to boho, however, it is always the way to go. Consider using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, foregoing heavy coverage. Keep eyelids bare, using just a touch of mascara without any eyeliner if possible. The lips and cheekbones play a starring role in this look. Tinted lip gloss in nude or earthy tones work well, and don’t go shy on the illuminator… the key is to look like Nature’s child… and that means that skin should glow with youth and vitality.

If you want to get the boho look just right, remember to go maxi, opt for chic tones, and accessorize. Choose natural looks for your hair and makeup and go as minimalist as possible in your footwear. Finally, keep statement pieces to a minimum and opt for a natural glowing look when it comes to skin.

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