I feel like sometimes all I do is talk about the Kardashians but… I kind of just cant’t help it. Of recent, Kim Kardashian mini me Kylie Jenner set fire to a new trend, that she actually copied from her big sis.

Corsets are far from new, their presence in the world of fashion has been seen for thousands of years, and have served many different purposes. Kim simply continued to represent the style in her own way, and Kylie proceeded to put it on the map in 2016, and fashionistas everywhere are following suit!

Kim wears a somewhat more traditional corset styled over a larget T-shirt:


Again Kim styles a traditional corset, loosely strung over a body suit:


Kylie emulates sister Kim’s style with a swiss style corset over a large T-shirt dress:


Kylie rocks the same cinched corset look, but with a large metal belt substituting the corset:


Karla Jara shows off Intertwine Collection’s corset around a camo dress just like Kylie’s:


Carli Bybel shows off a similar swiss corset made of denim over a large T-shirt dress:


Carli wears a corset belt over a larger T-shirt dress:


Carli struts in a leather corset over her dress:



Wondering where to get your own corset? Not quite main stream enough yet to be found at popular mall stores like Forever 21, you most likely will have to search for your favorite corset at a independent boutique or an online store. Carli purchased her black leather corset from an Etsy shop. Purchase a similar swiss style corset like Kylie’s here, as well as a very similar metal belt, and camo dress to get the gold and camo look of your own! Of course you can’t forget the infamous white T-shirt dress!!! Get your’s, it is a key piece for this season!

How will you style your corset? Comment below!

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  1. peaches & screams
    January 5, 2017 at 10:07 am (2 years ago)

    I will be travelling to New York soon and was wondering whether there are any good lingerie boutiques?


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