Fashion is a revolving thing, and trends come and go easily. However it’s safe to say that even when something goes out of style, it’s most likely that it’ll come back around again at some point. Fish nets is definitely one of those styles.

I say fish nets, you think ’80’s, cocktail waitresses, vegas show girls. Same. Yet, somehow I found myself shopping for a pair the other day. Along with distressed everything, fish net stockings are very ‘in’ right now, and people are getting super creative when it comes to how to wear them.

Kylie stepped out for Kendall’s birthday and demonstrates how to turn fish nets into a shirt:


Make your own DIY fish net shirt by taking a regular pair of fish net stockings and cutting the feet off of the legs, then cute a whole in the crotch. The legs are now the arms, and the waist band is the bottom of the shirt, and the crotch is the whole for your head!

Kim made wearing fish nets under your jeans a bit more mainstream… er, well kinda:



How to use fish nets to layer:


My personal favorite, India shows us how to dress up your slippers with fish nets instead of socks:



DIY: Take a pair of fish nets, cut the feet off at a desired length, and then sew a band around the ankle.

How to make your outfit sparkle, glitter fish net stockings:


Obsessed with distress? Distress your fish nets too:



How do you wear your fish nets? Comment below!

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