Ok soooooo… maybe not 7 billion, but you can pick up what I’m putting down.

Fashion Nova is dominating the online shopping game and I’d like to think that my bank account plays a big part in keeping them in business. These days, I would say about 80% of my closet is made up of pieces from Fashion Nova. From shoes, to shirts, jeans, joggers, bombers, dresses, body suits, and more, it’s literally pretty much all from Fashion Nova.

I used to love shopping the malls, I used to be an American Eagle, and Abercrombie junkie. However as I’ve grown up my tastes have changed dramatically, and so have my shopping patterns. If I am hitting the mall these days, it’s either to pick up cheap piece from Forever 21 or shop for “adulting” clothes at Express, or Macy’s or something. I LOVE Macy’s. The bulk of my shopping though is done online. I hate the hustle and bustle of malls, I absolutely LOATHE trying on clothes, and basically I just hate having to leave my house honestly. Amazon is like the best tool ever, I will order papertowels and toilet paper in bulk to save myself a trip to WalMart.

When it comes to online shopping, especially these days you have to be really careful where you order from. Fake sites are a thing, often times when you order from an unreliable site the product you get very vaguely resembles the product you thought you were ordering, and if you happen to land on a site that’s secretly based out of China, chances are nothing you order is going to fit! So moral of this rant is; research is key.

I’m saving you the tedious work by simply telling you to shop Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is so fashion forward it’s unreal. Part of the reason why I can’t and won’t shop in malls anymore because the malls where I live don’t carry the trendy items I am looking for. Fashion Nova has EVERYTHING. Any kind of body suit, or jump suit you could ever want, dresses for every occasion, and the perfect high waisted jeans. Their selection is huge and it is impossible for anyone to not find something that they like.

Let’s talk about their pricing. Fashion Nova is so affordable, and that’s what makes them great for the everyday, average girl. As Cardi B always says “On a budget hoe. Shop Fashion Nova”. On top of already affordable prices, literally almost everyday you’ll find that Fashion Nova is having some sort of sale. For the last two weeks everything has been 25% off of the original price. Not to mention the sale tab is always filled with 20 pages worth of awesome stuff. On top of all of that, Fashion Nova offer’s free shipping in the U.S. everyday, for orders over $75.00. That’s how they get me everytime! I won’t pay that $6.00 for shipping, but i’ll gladly spend an extra $40.00 to avoid it. Plus, everytime you order something they send you a 10% off coupon for your next purchase, and like every Instagram model and celeb has a discount code you can use whenever you want! The only thing better than that would be if everything was free.

Shipping. Pick the wrong place to order from, and unbeknown to you your clothes are not coming from a cute little boutique in L.A. they’re actually coming from China, and it’s going to be awhile before you see them sitting on your door step! I swear when you order from Fashion Nova literally like little elves immediately begin packaging your stuff as soon as you click place order. If you order within a reasonable time, sometimes your stuff will ship out that day. Fashion Nova is located in California, and I live in New York, and I don’t think i’ve ever waited more than 3 days for a package from them. It’s unbelieable how quick they are and perfect if you are ever in a time crunch.

Quality is pretty much guaranteed with this company. I have never received a piece I haven’t liked, or felt was different than what I thought I ordered. Everything comes as expected, intact, and doesn’t smell upon arrival. Now I know what you’re thinking, that last one was kinda random right. Wrong. I have received so many packages from manufacturers outside of the country that smell like major ass, and the clothing inside of the package smells like ass too. Somtimes it’s so bad that even washing the clothes doesn’t even get the smell out completely. Gross.

We HAVE to talk about the jeans. Their jeans are amazing! People rant about them for a reason. I have never liked a pair of high waisted jeans within the same price range, more than I like Fashion Nova’s. They give you such an amazing shape, and extenuate your assests if you know what I mean. I am a very petite and small girl. I am 4’11 and weigh about 120lbs, so I can’t really speaker for larger sizes, but everything I have ordered I felt was true to the size. Jeans and pants, I usually order in a 1 or a 3 depending on the material, shirts and body suits I usually order in a small, unless it looks tight around the chest because my implants are a decent size so in that case I usually go up to a medium. Shoes are regular, I wear a size 7 so I order a size 7. Dresses, I always choose the size based on the type of dress and the material, but so far I have never had any issues with the sizing.

Last but not least, their customer service is phenominal! They respond to emails super fast, and are always helpful! This is what I value the most in a company, and I definitely give them 5 stars. I take a lot of pride in who and what I invest my money in, and I never regret ordering from Fashion Nova, as I have other businesses in the past whether it’s clothing, or makeup, or something else.

Check out my Fashion Nova closet!

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