Pierced nails certainly aren’t new, but  Kim Kardashian’s new nail piercing chain is turning the heat up on accessorizing your manicure.

Check out this bomb snap chat of Kim showing off her super edgy new nail piercing:


Mom approved? I’m not sure how practical this nail piercing/ chain is when it comes to changing diapers and wiping asses but it’s still super cute.

Ever since Kim’s robbery went down in Paris, and then her isolation afterwards, it’s as if her own personal renaissance has emerged from of all of the chaos. With the help of Yeezy himself Kimberly is dabbling in the waters of modern edge. The days of hot pink maxi dresses, flats, and Juicy Couture sweat suits are long dead. These days you will be hard pressed to catch Kim wearing anything that isn’t black, white, beige, or army green. Colors are so 2014.

Kim’s latest looks and new edgey accessories are the last thing I would have expected to come from the the 30 something year old mother of two. Though, I can’t say I don’t like it. Kimmy definitely took a play out of Kylie’s playbook with this fresh manicure as black as the black heart emoji, and of course the piercings.

Though it is not the most practical, it’s fun and you can re-create Kim’s look too. A little DIY never hurt nobody. I guess you could try to ask your nail tech but… I’d be prepared for some funny looks and a lot of whispering in their native tongue.

The easiest way to go about this look would probably be to use press ons rather than piercing a hole through acrylic. Take a safety pin and pierce your press on nail to create the hole. Apply your press ons per usual and then you will begin attaching the chains. You will probably need plyers, the chains and a metal connector. You will insert the metal connector through your chain and then through the hole in your nail and then you will use plyers to push the connector together and secure the chains. Of course you can do this with acrylic as well but I’m not sure what kind of tool you would have to do in order to figure out how to pierce the hole.

Check out all of these pierced nail looks:

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