Ladies. Ya’ll need this shit. Men. Ya’ll need to buy your woman this shit.

img_3508Pink Moon Lounge Wear went viral after their design for brilliantly sexy, and comfortable velvet booty shorts went viral. Girls around the world were on a manhunt to figure out where the hell these shorts came from. My search lead me to none other than the original creator’s Pink Moon. The shorts have become so popular, that they have not been able to keep up with the demand, as they are hand made. Several pre-order’s have come and gone and each time they sell out within minutes. The first pre-order, I kid you not I pulled over on the side of the road at exactly 11 A.M. when the pre-order began to get my order in and by 11:02, every color and size was sold out! I finally was able to order one pair of shorts during the second pre-order, and they just got here!!! I LOVE them. I have never been so excited about a pair of shorts.

img_3507At first glance I thought ooooh shit these are not going to fit, even my boyfriend was like your small, but your not THAT small. I am 4’11, and probably pushing 125 pounds right now, which for me is scary to admit because i’ve never weighed this much in my life, but YOLO. I might be a little chunkier these days but my ass is looking like a cake hunny. Anyway, since I’ve gained weight and my shape has changed I have been having trouble adjusting to what sizes I should be buying. I purchased a small like I regularly would, but I was hesitant, so when they arrived and they looked really small I thought, oh no this cannot be good. No worries though! They stretch! I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of stretch these shorts have, and they are super comfortable! They are exactly as I expected them to be, and are of great quality! Quality is always an issue I look at when it comes to purchasing from individually owned businesses, especially hand made items but these shorts are very well made and have great quality. I am really excited to order (well at least I’m going to try lol) more shorts, I really want the lavendar colored ones! As well as the matching bralettes.

pink-moon-lounge-wearPink Moon did just release a photo of their next piece… and I also NEED that as well. Need, not want. It is a velvet and lace teddy, and it is sooooooo pretty. Let’s insert like 17 thousand heart emoji’s here.

I give Pink Moon Lounge wear a huge thumbs up!!! Shop here now.


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