Rihanna took 1st prize for best Coachella outfit… can you say hot, hot?

The best tweet of the week thoroughly sums up Coachella fashion: “Coachella is just Urban Outfitters the musical”. I don’t think anything truer was spoken this past weekend. Thank the higher powers above that Rihanna totally ran, far, far away from the Urban Outfitter look and totally embraced something, er, really uh, different.

As if the full out glitter body suit wasn’t enough to get everyone’s attention, Rihanna had to seal the deal with a matching glitter ski mask. If there wasn’t photo evidence of this insane outfit I wouldn’t believe such a thing existed.

If the appearance wasn’t enough to knock your socks off, you should check out the price tag. This glitter body suit, matching mask, distressed denim, and tank (all from Gucci I might add) runs for a solid $8,480, and came straight off the winter runway.

Shine bright like a body suit?

Notice this Coachella outfit seems to be inspired by a previous outfit worn by BadGalRiRi back in 2014:

I have a feeling all of the DIY fashionistas will be popping up soon with do it yourself versions of this lit Gucci body suit, maybe even the matching mask too.

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