Jewel Fairy – All about Rocksbox

Imagine a magical service that sends a perfect box of high end jewelry to you once a month, now imagine wearing your jewelry without paying for each piece! Are you interested!?

What is Rocksbox?

This magical service is Rocksbox; Rocksbox is a subscription box that sends you 3 pieces of personalized jewelry a month. Rocksbox is perfect for people like me who don’t go out shopping for jewelry (probably because I spend all my money on makeup…). When you sign up for the service they ask you a few questions about your style, then you set up your “wish list”. When picking items for your wish list you get to scroll through all their gorgeous jewelry and click on the ones you are obsessed with , so that when your personal stylist picks your three pieces they put at least one from your wish list ( well they have for me ) . Now if you don’t absolutely love one or all of the pieces you received then you simply send it back to Rocksbox, and don’t worry about shipping cost because they include a return label in your box!  If you can’t live without the items in your box, just send the items you don’t want or the empty box back to them and they will charge the items to your account. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay to wear the jewelry! You can wear your three pieces as much as you want for the month, then when it’s time to send them back you put the pieces back into the box to be shipped back. Simple right?

My Experience

My experience with Rocksbox has been totally awesome! This is my second month receiving the box and I love it! I’m not the type of girl to go out and buy jewelry because it’s not really my thing, so the fact that I get it sent to me is perfect. The box arrives in the cutest packaging ever! Untying the pink bow is always a thrill!


But I don’t just love the packaging, all the pieces that I have received are definitely my style, and work well with multiple outfits. The boxes I received came with a bracelet, ring, and necklace that all sort of match or complement each other. I think is great that they put in jewelry that compliments each other which means you can easily wear them all together. Here’s a look inside of the boxes I have received:


The final thing I love about Rocksbox is the quality of the jewelry. The pieces they send to you are high end, and name brand jewelry. I used to hate buying jewelry from the store and wear it only to find a greenish grey stain on my skin! (We all know that struggle!) Also I have very sensitive skin, and sometimes when I wear cheaper jewelry I end up with a rash; so the fact that you are receiving quality pieces is awesome.

Final Review on Rocksbox

To me I would recommend a lot of people to try out Rocksbox, because it is a simple and helpful service. It is especially helpful for people like me who either don’t go out to buy jewelry or don’t wear it as often. Why go out and spend money on jewelry that might not be good quality or you might not wear .Rocksbox makes it so easy , all you need to do is answer a few questions about your style , pick a few “ must haves “ for your wish list , an pay a small monthly fee of $19 . Which if you think about it $19 is not that much, when I used to buy jewelry from places like Forever 21 I would pay around $15 for just one necklace; With Rocksbox you’re paying $19 a month for them to send you 3 personalized pieces of high-end jewelry that you can wear as much as you want for the month. To me that is very affordable and worth it!

Try It Out!

Rocksbox is worth a try! Luckily for all of you reading this you can receive a month free with my coupon code! (YAY) simply go the Rocksbox website ( and at check out type in my code (ricaalovexoxo) to receive one month free Rocksbox service! If you want further encouragement check out Rockboxes Instagram page ( @rocksbox )  to see even more of their beautiful jewelry pieces. I hope this was extremely helpful for anyone interested in their service and trust me it is worth it! Try it out!



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