I am kinda really cheap. I am so willing to admit that I am always up for a good bargain and brand names don’t always do it for me. Although as I am getting older in age (21 lol) I am learning that it is okay to splurge on certain items, in fact it’s sometimes even better to splurge on certain items rather than go the bargain route. I have recently discovered this is a very, very true fact about shopping for heels.

I attended a wedding a few weeks ago, and the whole ordeal was kind of last minute so I scrambled to find something to wear. I ordered a very simple, but gorgeous dress from Hot Miami Styles, that arrived in like 2 days. I knew I was going to do my own hair and makeup, I had a jacket to wear with the dress so all I needed to do was find the perfect shoes! I am a self proclaimed Maxionista, so naturally I headed right to my local TJMaxx. Now, 96% of the time TJMaxx does not disappoint, but I was so particular about what I wanted this time that TJMaxx couldn’t come through. Now I live in a really small town so after I hit both the local TJMaxx’s the next stop would bring me to a bigger mall about an hour away. This mall has a store that offically one up’s TJMaxx in my book…

Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack is essentially a store full of all the stuff people who shop at Nordstrom have deemed ‘so last season’, meaning everything is still designer, brand new, and beautiful, BUT it’s on sale. Ugh, there is a god. So anyway, I made my way over to the shoes and I was faced with a brutal decision. Which shoes?! The selection was like quadruple TJMaxx’s selection and the brand names were wayyyyyyy better. So I tried on pair after pair, after pair, and then came the moment magic happened. I tried on a pair of Vince Camuto’s and my life was forever changed.

Now you may be thinking wow this bitch is dramatic, but no really I’m not. These shoes are really just that great. They were simple, black, suede, round toed, pumps, but they were the absolute most comfortable heel I have ever put on in my life.

img_2845My belief’s align very much so with Kim Kardashians, in that since I am so short I prefer to wear some sort of heel at all times, yet I’m a baby so I don’t like to wear heels that are too high because then my feet hurt. It’s quite a pickle. So this particular pair of heels caught my eye because they were close toed, black, and suede and those were all criteria I was searching for. When I first picked them up, I almost put them back down because the heel was a little higher than what I prefer, but my friend told me to try them on and I obediently listened. I slipped my foot into that shoe and they felt like butter. They were so freaking comfortable!!!!!!! I walked around the store in them, and it felt as if I was walking around in any old pair of sneakers. I also noticed, when you aren’t wincing in pain from your heels you walk way more normal in them! Who knew!

So I thought oh yeah these are the shoes for me! That is until I took a glance at the price tag. Now again, remember here, I by nature am a very fruggle person. I watched my parents piss away money they didn’t have on dumb shit for years until they finally drove themselves into complete financial ruin. The affects of their poor decisions taught me a lot about money, work ethic, financial stability, etc. So that being said most of the heels that I have purchased in the past have come from places like Charolette Russe or Forever21 and cost no more than twenty bucks. So when I saw the just shy of $80.00 price tag I thought, ehhh… I don’t know. Although the price was like $40 something dollars off the original so in that respect it was a good deal. And now in hind sight it was a freaking GREAT deal.

img_2469So the day of the wedding comes, and my date is a groomsmen so he had to arrive earlier than the rest of the guests. So I had to leave the hotel by myself, and get to the wedding venue. Here I am standing outside of the West Inn Grand in the middle of Manhattan and I can’t get a cab to save my life. I start walking down the street in the direction of Rockefeller center continuing to try and flag down a cab, I am proud to tell you that I walked about 3 blocks before catching a cab and I could still feel my feet. Not only could I feel my feet, but my feet felt great! I thought, these shoes are magical, but eh this very well could be too good to be true. The rest of the night totally turned me into a believer. After we left the wedding, we decided we wanted to enjoy the crisp fall New York City night so in my evening gown and his tux we walked the streets of Manhattan and went shopping! We probably walked for a solid half an hour or so before grabbing a cab the rest of the way back, and once again MY FEET DID NOT HURT. It was like a miracle. I will forver insist that if there is one area that you could afford to splurge a little on when it come’s to fashion, it would definitely be footwear.

Vince Camuto has officially been BrittWD tested, and BrittWD approved. If you are in the market for some comfortable yet super stylish shoes I highly suggest his brand. They are also pretty affordable for brand name, and again you can find great sales either online or at department stores like Nordstrom Rack.

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