Two things that you would never even think of pairing together: sweats, and heels.

You think sweat pants, you most likely think sneakers, flip flops, maybe UGGs. You think heels, you probably think dresses, skirts, maybe jeans. Most people aren’t pulling their comfy sweats out and thinking, let me pair these with a pair of red bottoms. Yet it seems that the unsuspecting combo is a daring, bold, and very trendy fashion statement.

Pairing your fav sweats with a pair of high heels may seem a bit boug-ghetto but the look is totally growing on me, and it is actually rather versatile. Here are some amazing sweats+heels outfit that you need to incorporate into your fashion regimen.


I absolutely LOVE how Selena paired this bold colored, comfy sweatsuit with a pair of nude heels giving a side of sophistication to comfort.

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Pairing a pair of simple black heels with this Adidas track suit, took this outfit from comfy to super sexy.

Get this look on a budget: Sweat suit, heels, crop top


First of all, these heels are SO CUTE. Secondly, this sweats with heels combo gives me life. She looks so casual and comfy, yet the heels give the ensemble a fashionable edge, rather than a I just rolled out of bed kind of vibe.

Get this look on a budget: Sweater, sweats, heels, body bag, sunglasses


These bold yellow heels make this outfit an outfit. Take a moment and imagine the same sweats and sweatshirt that she is wearing and instead of heels she has on a pair of flip flops or sneakers. Makes the outfit kind of blah right? This bold colored heel brings not only a pop of color to the look but turns it into a casual everyday outfit from pajamas.

Get this look on a budget: Hoodie, sweats, heels, sunglasses


This outfit is edgy. The silver and white heels paired with this super cute Adidas sweat set suit is to die for, but with the leather jacket draped on her shoulders this outfit is so badass.

Get this look on a budget: Sweatsuit, leather jacket, heels 


Living for how simple this outfit is. Once again a pair of plain black heels brings this outfit up a couple notches. A simple crop top, and a pair of Adidas joggers take this look from lounge wear, to a casual, day time, trendy outfit with the quick addition of a pair of high heels.

Get this look on a budget: Sweats, crop top, heels


Major comfort meets chic here. Love, love, loving these baggy sweats with a baggy tee. The addition of the heels elevates the entire look.

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Who so said sweat pants aren’t dressy? She dressed these sweats up with a gorgeous red sweater and matching red heels to turn her sweats up several notches.

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Rihanna of course like anything else slayed this badass look. I swear I have the same sweats from Forever21, if only I looked like this when I wore them. The cropped hoodie, covered by a leather jacket, paired with plain black heels brings a whole new twist to edgey.

Get this look on a budget: Sweats, cropped hoodie, leather jacket, heels


Correction, I am LIVING FOR THIS. I don’t know whats better, these plain comfy sweats, zebra heels, or this bomb ass fur coat! There’s just so much to choose from. Again, comfort meets class here with the addition of the fancy fur coat.

Get this look on a budget: Sweats, shirt, heels, jacket 


Holy chic! These dainty rose pink colored sweats are a nice change of pace, and they look super comfy yet chic with these nude heels and the loose fitting white tank top.

Get this look on a budget: Sweats, shirt, bag, heels, necklace

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