A Must Buy: Denim Thigh High Boots

Since everything trending these days happens to be Yeezy inspired, it’s no surprise that several months ago Kim’s denim boots inspired a new trend. Every Instagram model is wearing them, and every boutique is selling them… for a pretty penny. I.e. favorites like, Fashion Nova, Want My Look, Hot Miami Styles, LolaShoetique and more.

Depending on the exact pair that you are looking for, you can score major deals on denim boots on Amazon. A lot of times (not all the time, but most of the time) you can find great fashion buys for lower prices than most stores or boutiques because Amazon uses wholesalers to move their product. Thus, sort of removing the middle man, and making lower prices available to their customers. Basically, Amazon is just the shit. Upon discovering the saving power of Amazon I have done a lot of ordering these past few months, and shoes just so happens to be one of my favorite things to buy on Amazon. Some of the deals are insane! Like the deal I got on my lace up thigh high boots, click here to see how much I saved buying them on Amazon rather than on Fashion Nova like I had originally planned.

Back to the denim boots… For example, let’s check out Hot Miami Styles:

Price- $59.99


Price- $29.98 

Check out LolaShoetique:

Price- $64.99


Price- From $25.99

Fashion Nova:

Price- $34.99


Price- $28.99

I don’t think those prices need any explaining! Needless to say, if you are on the hunt for a pair of Kim Kardashian inspired denim boots, head to Amazon and get a great deal! Happy shopping!

Check out some looks:




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