We all suffer from battling first world problems on a daily basis, the line was too long at Starbucks, the wifi went out, Kylie still has yet to restock our favorite lip kit shade and so on, and so on. However I would say the number one first world problem society has is, the fascination with name brands. Now I am sitting right on the guilty bus alongside everybody else. When I was younger especially, I was obsessed with name brands. Now I wore name brands (American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister) but little did everyone at school know that everything I wore was hand-me-downs from friends that didn’t want them anymore. Until I was 5 years old I grew up in a single income household, after that my mother got married and it became a two income household until I was 17 when she got divorced. Even with a two income house hold finances were always tight in my family. We certainly weren’t living in poverty, but we were already probably living above our means, as it was without even more strenuous spending. However I am not complaining, because the lifestyle I grew up in taught me how to be frugal and most importantly the value of money at a very young age. Now don’t get me wrong I have designer labels hanging in my closet, however I have NEVER paid full price for them. I believe in coupons, I love discount stores (Tj Maxx, Marshalls, Peter Harris, etc), thrifting, and you’ll even catch me at a god damn garage sale or two. Even so, the name on the label has become less and less important to me over the years and style has become more important. So I’ve tried to shy away, as I think many others have as well, from the big stores that you can find in malls all across America, and opted to do most of my shopping at smaller boutiques and stores, especially online.

Since the social media phenomenon has taken over marketing strategies, a lot of online fashion stores have popped up and used platforms like Twitter, and Instagram to market their products. One big one in women’s fashion, is Fashion Nova. I first heard of Fashion Nova, through some popular Instagrammers, and in the blink of an eye it became one of my favorite online stores. Others similar to Fashion Nova are out there including Tobi, Boohoo, etc. Along with these larger online stores, are thousands of smaller ones popping up every day on social media. I love to support small and privately owned business, isn’t that what America was built on? However I’ve been bit in the ass several times, for always believing the best in people. So unless you know someone who has already purchased from an online boutique, and is happy I would be extremely cautious when dealing with some of these smaller start up stores. On that note, let’s take a moment to use some logic. Unless an online store is designing and producing their own lines, they must be purchasing their inventory from a wholesaler. Well for those of you who might not be familiar with the business and have never given a second thought as to where the clothing in the store comes from, you probably do not realize that there are not an endless supply of wholesalers out there and it takes a lot of work, time and effort to find good reliable ones. So getting to the point, all of these stores are more than likely  not ordering the same clothing from most of the same wholesalers and marking it up at different prices to sell. If you are an avid shopper like myself, you will begin to notice a lot of overlap in inventory from online store to online store. Majority of the time this doesn’t really matter because the prices are so close to one another that unless you really care about a few quarters you can order from whichever site you prefer. However I recently discovered Amazon. Now I don’t live under a rock I’ve heard of Amazon, but I’ve never purchased anything from them until I recently. As I began scrolling through all of my suggested items, I was in utter shock. I came across an EXACT outfit I had recently purchased from Fashion Nova for more than ten dollars less than what I had paid! Now ten dollars is a significant price difference, and I’m still pissed I wasted ten dollars, ten dollars is like 3 Dunkin iced coffees. Anyway, being mad isn’t going to get me anywhere. So after this discovery I kept scrolling and came across a number of different things I myself have personally ordered from other websites, or just have seen during my shopping endeavors and they too, were all for sale on amazon for significantly lower prices. Boy let me tell you, Amazon became my new best friend!!! My mail man has certainly never hated me so much before.

So the entire point of this spiel is to tell you, if you haven’t already, START SHOPPING ON AMAZON! I’ve saved, upwards of one hundred dollars alone on my most recent purchases when I compared what I bought to other sites that were selling the exact same thing, or something extremely similar, and that is only a small fraction. They have a never ending selection of clothing and shoes! So if you are a girl on a budget, like myself, Amazon is for you! Now I think I have a pretty honest face, but I don’t expect you to believe me, so let’s take a look at some product comparisons that you will have no choice but to believe!


The top 3 photos are from the Fashion Nova website. I actually have the same outfit which I did purchase awhile ago from Fashion Nova. As you can see you must purchase the top and bottom separately. The top is $14.99, and the bottoms are $19.99, so the entire outfit is a grand total of $34.98. Now that is nothing crazy by any means.


However you can purchase the entire outfit here off of Amazon for a grand total of $20.69. That is roughly a $14.00 difference!


The above 2 photos are once again a romper I myself purchased from Fashion Nova. It costs $24.99, again not a bad price right?


Wrong!!! The same exact romper sells here on Amazon for $12.99!


This body suit I actually purchased from the above site, in white about a year ago. As you can see it is $29.99. At the time I purchased it they were having a sale, and I got it for $20.00, seems like a good steal right?


Once again, WRONG! Today, I found the same body suit available in white or black here on Amazon for $7.84! That’s over a $20.00 savings!!! Shall I keep going?


Above you see the same, knee high, sexy, lace up black heels from Fashion Nova ($59.99), and LolaShoetique ($57.99). I was DYING to purchase these shoes since last summer, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay the price. I am damn happy that I didn’t because a month ago while perusing Amazon I found damn near the exact same (If they aren’t they are the closest thing possible) pair of knee high sandals! Would you like to know how much I paid for them?


I paid $45.00!!! Let me tell you, $45.00 never looked so good on my feet! Purchase the same pair from Amazon here!


The above sandals are $58.00 from


These are the same shoes from Amazon for less than $20.00! Almost $40.00 in savings! Buy here.

If that is not enough proof for you to make the switch to Amazon, then hunny you must just having money oozing out of every orifice to waste! I don’t, and never have had money oozing so I really wish that someone had told me this years ago. I probably would have a few more bands in my bank account if I had known. On the bright side I am very happy to pass this information on to the rest of my fellow penny pinchers! Don’t get me wrong I still shop from Fashion Nova and other websites, because you can’t find everything on Amazon, however I do take more time to search for an item on Amazon before I purchase it from elsewhere. Happy shopping!

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