the-vanity-box-reviewThe vanity Box; my thoughts, and review.

The Vanity Box is a hair Boutique located in NYC, currently they have 3 open locations; Down town Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens, and Harlem. I stumbled up on their Instagram page about 2 years ago, and I have watched them grow rapidly on social media. In my opinion, The Vanity Box is probably one of the top selling hair suppliers in the city.

What makes them so popular? The Vanity Box organically grew as a business, the quality of their hair, their customer service, and great pricing gave customers a reason to spread excellent word of mouth. Word of mouth spread, and translated into a massive new customer base.

*note* I have never personally purchased any of their hair! However, I have visited their store on several occasions and a close friend of mine wears their hair religiously.

aaliyah-jay-for-the-vanity-boxThe Vanity Box has grown on social media, and also enlisted the talented Aaliyah Jay as one of their brand ambassador’s! You can catch Aaliyah constantly repping their hair, and let me tell you she looks fabulous while doing it.

The Vanity Box promise: The Vanity Box holds themselves to the highest standards and ensures that all of their hair is virgin, unharshly processed, and chemical free. All Vanity box hair is cut with the cuticle intact and facing the same direction, in fact they guarantee the alignment of the hair cuticles or your money back. (For those who may be amateurs in the world of hair, the cuticle is VERY important, intact and aligned cuticles= healthier and longer lasting hair). Their hair is harvested in predominatly south east Asian countires, like Vietnam or Indonesia. Each of their bundles should be roughly about 110 grams. They recommend 3 bundles for a full head, if you are using hair measuring less than 22 inches, for more than 22 inches they recommend 4 bundles. Of course, these are only recommendations and the amount of hair you wish to use is totally up to you and based on your own preferences! For reference I will tell you that a friend of mine that wears Vanity Box hair, purchased 3 bundles of 20 inch Indian natural curly, and her head was hella full. When I say full I mean FULL. She likes her hair super thick so she was in love, I personally prefer my hair to be a bit more natural so I honestly would’ve used only 2 because the bundles are so thick. So theres a decent frame of reference for you if you are debating on how many bundles to purchase. I think 4 bundles would be super crazy full, but you if you like it like that go for it hunny!

brittanie-evans-vanity-box-reviewThe curl pattern’s are crazy beautiful and most importantly they are lasting! A quick wash, or even just a few spritz’s of water, will bring your curls right back to life. The natural straight is also gorgeous, I wore a wig which was made of 3 bundles of their straight hair, and a closure, and it was gorgeous and super natural looking! Now the wig was 24 inches long, and it only had 3 bundles in it and again I thought it was very full. Any texture that I have tried out or tested in my travels have responded very well to heat tools, curling and straightening wise. Basically the hair is just like real hair because, well it is real hair. The quality of the hair speaks for itself. We’ve all had cheap beauty supply store pack hair before, and we all know how that hair behaves, it does not act natural at all, and it has a mind of it’s own. You know when you have real, true, virgin, natural hair, and Vanity Box hair is just that! It behaves as if it’s growing straight out of your damn scalp. Which reminds me… Have you seen their closures??? Giiiirl, I have never seen a closure so realistic in my life, omg.

Now you are probably asking well, if she’s reviewing this hair, and she’s speaking so highly of it then why did she say she doesn’t purchase it? Let me answer that for you. I have been purchasing hair from the same retailer for quite awhile now and I am extremely happy with how they have treated me as a customer, and I am extremely pleased with their hair and their work. So for that reason I am a very loyal customer, and I will continue to be a loyal customer. Obviously that does not mean I am opposed to wearing other brands of hair, because I clearly have, but I am very big on loyalty and if I am going to purchase my own hair it’s going to be from my supplier. I do love The Vanity Box though, and that is why I am writing a review about them, because I think that they are worthy and that they put out a great product, and I WOULD purchase from them.

Not only is their hair amazing, their customer service is phenomenal. I have visited their Brooklyn location a few times on my many shopping ventures and they are always super sweet and helpful, and passionate about their job, which in my opinion is SUPER important especially when you’re working in a customer service based industry. A passionate person goes that extra mile over someone who is just their to collect their paycheck.

You don’t have to live in New York to purchase their hair, of course you can stop in at their boutiques to take a look around and test out the hair, but if you are not local you can also order online on their website. They have great pricing deals, and they usually always have a bundle deal which is nice. I think the price point for their hair is extremely fair, and as far as luxury hair goes I would say it’s a great deal.

vanity-box-reviewsIt seems like everything that they do is authentic, inspiring, and quality, I mean even down to their presentation and their packaging. That is what makes them a top notch company. If you are looking for luxury quality hair, at decent prices, with great customer service and the option for custom colors, definitely check out The Vanity Box. I give them a huge thumbs up!

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