aaliyah-jaySo I recently posted if you did not see, about the new hair color that SPLAT hair dye came out with. SPLAT Midnight hair dye is supposed to be an alternative option for brunettes who wish to dye their hair fun colors without having to damage it by bleaching it in the process.

The new technology was supposed to be a huge break through for brunettes everywhere, but it unfortunately seems to be a major fail. I have not tested the dye out personally since I have not been able to get my hands on it, but I have heard a few awful reviews in comments on the original post that I posted. Women are saying that the dye did absolutely NOTHING to their hair and was a huge waste of time and money. So I am not even going to be bothered with continuing to search for it in the store. However I may have found my fellow brunettes a new solution.

Aaliyah Jay, beauty YouTuber, debuted a hot new haircolor last night, and I instantly fell in love. I then fell on the floor when she revealed that she didn’t have to bleach her hair to achieve it!

Aaliyah generally sticks to black hair, and was wearing a frontal and bundles from Savon Luxe Hair, in what looked like jet black to me. I would never have dreamed that she did not have to bleach her bundles in order to achieve this deep burgundy color shes rocking right now! This look is gorgeous, and perfect for the fall/ winter seasons.


Now let’s get down the important stuff, what did she use? She used Loreal’s Hicolor in Magenta. Loreal Hicolor is a coloring product meant only for the use of women with dark hair, and provides all over vivid color without using bleach. Aaliyah has convinced me to give this color a go around. Her’s is certainly very subtle, but I found reviews and photo’s of other women who have used the same color, and it has come out much brighter. Remember: hair color is not an exact science, no one’s is going to come out EXACTLY the same. If you do give this hair color a try and you find that it comes out brighter than you prefer, don’t worry, red fades fast! If it is too bright, be sure to wash your hair with hot water (this will help the color fade faster) and to prevent the color from becoming too bright in the first place I would suggest not leaving it on for the full developing time, or mixing a little conditioner into the dye before applying to cut down the vibrancy. The lighter your hair, most likely the brighter it will be. Aaliyah’s hair was as dark as it could possibly be, and that probably aided in keeping the color duller rather than brighter.

What you will need to achieve a similar look:

Loreal Hicolor hair color (If you have hair longer than your shoulders I would recommend getting two boxes to be on the safe side! Been there, done that).

Loreal Developer (Recommended is 30 volume, however if you are hoping to lift your hair as many levels as possible for a very intense color you could use 40 volume depending)

Dye Brush

Mixing Bowl (You can use any plastic container or bowl that you don’t mind having to throw away after your done if you don’t want to buy one)

Gloves (I would highly recommend getting gloves to wear, unless you don’t mind clown hands for a few days)

The only con to the Loreal Hicolor series is that they don’t offer a huge array of colors. Basically all the colors are different shades of red, or brown. It’s really too bad that the SPLAT Midnight line did not work out, I was excited for ‘blue hair don’t care’. Ugh.

Check out these in depth reviews several other women did using the same color as Aaliyah:



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