img_3695Is the New Dyson Hair Dryer Worth $400?

Most of you don’t spend more than fifty bucks on our hair dryers (I won’t even spend that!). They are typically compact and affordable devices that we use for year or two and then replace. However, the team at Dyson would like us to invest a lot more in order to access their Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, which has tons of high-tech features. But what could possibly be so high-tech about a freaking blow dryer? It literally has one purpose, and one purpose only… dry your hair. So if it shoots hot air, it’s great as far as I’m concerned. What more could it have that would make it worth a whopping $400? That’s more than my car payment for pete’s sake…

At this moment, this hair dryer retails for $399.00 at most online and community based retailers. Prices will vary depending on where you buy. This is why we want to review the Dyson Supersonic today. Since it does cost so much more than is typical, you’ll benefit from learning how it works, what it looks like and why it’s different. Once you understand its key benefits and features, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not it’s worth the $400.

Discover the Dyson Supersonic

This hair dryer is renowned for its sensor-based system. It’s known as a glass bead thermistor and it does a reading of the air which comes out of its barrel. This reading happens multiple times every single second. These frequent readings ensure super-even heating at the user’s preferred setting. There are four settings to choose from. Ok, this benefits anyone how?

According to the makers of this costly and attractive hair dryer, a temperature of 228 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for hair and triggers hair damage. They’ve created the sensor system in order to eliminate the risk of hair damage. For example, if you’re using this appliance on its highest setting, and the dryer begins to heat up to a level which might damage your hair, the sensor takes in this temperature data and then cools the dryer back down, to a non-damaging temperature. It’s about keeping the temperature consistent and ensuring that this dryer won’t hurt your hair, even when it’s on its highest setting.

I guess this is fair. Yet, I really think that I would rather just not blow dry my hair at all than spend $400.

img_3694This Dryer Has Innovative Design

This dryer is a bit different than the usual, in terms of how it looks and how it feels to hold it. It’s very attractive, with a sculptural look and it has an iron-grey finish with fuschia accents. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery which is ultra-modern and sleek. In fact, it looks a million time better than most other hair dryers. It’s kind of a status symbol in that respect! If you want to find an impressive gift idea for someone who does blow-dry their hair, it’s safe to say that this space age blow dryer will blow them away! I still wouldn’t pay $400 for it though. Cute is great and all but if I want something cute i’ll buy a stuff animal for $7 and keep it moving. A plain black hair dryer from Conair on sale for $20 at WalMart is just as cute as the Dyson in my eyes, and probably most of yours.

When you choose the Dyson Supersonic, you’ll find that its motor is in the handle, rather than being in the main body of the hair dryer, where the air blows out. Therefore, the weight is situated in the base and this means that it’s easier to move the blow dryer around. You’ll probably find that it’s much simpler to dry your hair with this model, as the main body of the hair dryer is so light. The blow dryer weighs in at 1.82 pounds. It includes an extension cord which is nine feet in length. Ok, the extension cord is cool I will admit because it just seems like every appliance I own never seems to have a long enough cord. I can also see how for those of you who blow dry your hair the proper way, you know like when you get a blow out with the round brush and all of that, this dryer would be much easier to use since it’s light in weight and the motor is in the handle rather than the body. So maybe for a professional hair stylist this blow dryer would be worth $400.

The dryer also comes with safety features which tell you when its time to clean it. This is designed to keep the blow dryer working well over the long term… who knew you were supposed to even clean your blow dryer? This is major news to me. Again, maybe this would be convenient for a professional stylist, I don’ even know.

This hair dryer contains a motor which is a variation on the impeller/propeller system that Dyson adds to its high-tech fans and vacuums. The system includes thirteen blades, while most hair dryers have eleven, and its innovative motor system is supposed to minimize turbulence and move air in an optimal manner. As well, this design will be less noisy than regular hair dryers. Again, like does anyone care about any of this stuff other than someone whose an engineer???

Each hair dryer has a trio of heads which adhere to the Supersonic magnetically. As it runs, the hot air will move through attachments. You may run this hair dryer on its highest setting and not need to worry about burning your hand if you decide to remove the nozzle. Do people really burn their hands on hair dryers?

Is This Design Right for You? Is This Hair Dryer Worth $400 to You?

It’s not for me, and it probably isn’t for majority of people, but hey you could be the one. The Dyson Supersonic is very expensive. It look fabulous, it’s easy to hold and it does have a lot of features which may protect your hair from damage. However, there are other hair dryers which work very well and cost way less, and purchasing one of those will have your bank account thanking you. This hair dryer is really for connoisseurs and it’s probably not (ok it’s really not) necessary to spend this much at all, unless you’re into technology and want to try something that is on the cutting edge, and have a car payment to waste.

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