amrezy-hair-lineWho even knew it was a thing to fill in your hair line?! Finding out that people fill in their hairline literally makes my world make so much more sense.

Amrezy dropped a knowledge bomb on Snap Chat last night as she recorded for us how she fills in her hairline with eyeshadow. Now, looking at her hair line before she filled it in I would never think, oh wow her hair line looks really bad it’s so thin. It looks completely normal, as do most hair lines. But… after watching her fill it in, i’m like damn it looks SO good now! I never realized something so small could make such an amazing difference! It truly is about the finishing touches.

Apparently this has been a secret that celebrities like the Kardashians have been doing for years! No wonder their hair looks so perfect. Have you ever noticed that when Kim wears her hair in a ponytail that the hair in her hair line literally looks just as thick, if not thicker than the rest of her hair? Baby hairs do not exist in her world!

You can easily fill your hair line in with eye shadow, and believe it or not it looks super natural! Amra put her hair up into a sleek pony tail and used a fluffy eye shadow brush, and black eye shadow (obviously you need to pick a shade that matches your own hair color) and began LIGHTLY, notice my emphasis on lightly, filling in the thinner patches of her hair line. There is no science, or specific method to this, you can fill in as little and as much as you want depending on your needs and your look. Just make sure you start off lightly, and if you need to go darker, then you can go in and do it again as many times as you may need to. The major key to making sure this looks super natural is blending! Once you have applied the eye shadow to fill in the hair line blend it all together seamlesly by brushing your hair from your hair line towards your crown with a brush. Amrezy uses a teasing brush to do this.


Hair line on fleek is the new brows on fleek. Filling in your hair line line will help to define your face, and give you a bolder look.

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