img_3203Miracle 7 Leave in Mist’ VS ‘It’s a 10’ Leave In Mist

If you’re interested in buying a leave in mist which will help you to detangle your hair and give you those softer and silkier tresses you won’t be able to keep your fingers out of, like one of those really annoying girls who is constantly twirling their hair in their fingers, then you may be wondering which product is going to be best. I was too. The winner is Miracle 7, hands down. Let me at least tell you why though.

There are two products I couldn’t decided between, they were Miracle 7 Leave in Mist and “It’s a 10” Leave in Mist. I used to NEVER use any product in my hair! I don’t even think I had a valid reason, I just totally avoided using product, plus I never really had the money to be buying product anyway. Products for this that and the other thing really start to add up and slowly begin killing your bank account, which I could not afford to have happen. What got me on board with purchasing a leave in mist was my hair extensions. I have very crappy, thin, dry, frail hair that falls out in clumps for mysterious reasons and I’ve always tried to cover it up with hair extensions or wigs. I would spend a lot of money on these extensions, yet I was failing to take care of them and not getting my money’s worth out of my purchase. A friend of mine also wears hair extensions religiously and her’s always seemed to last so much longer, and always looked fresh, shiny, and smooth. I needed to know her secret! She literally used Miracle 7 ALL THE TIME. After she showered and before she blow dried, in dry hair if she was going to re-curl or flat iron, and most importantly: IT DIDN’T LEAVE HER HAIR GREASY! On the flip side, my mother always used “It’s a 10” products and when I lived with her I sometimes would steal her stuff and use it in my own hair, lol. I really liked their products, and they have a leave in mist that is comparable to the Miracle 7, and “It’s a 10” is more easily available so I bought both… and again, if you really don’t want to keep reading, Miracle 7 was hands down my favorite.

If you do want to keep reading, then let me clue you in on my decision here.

Miracle 7 Gets Great Reviews

This leave-in mist is beloved by customers. It contains Tucuma Seed Butter, Hydrolyzed Silk and Castor Seed Oil. These ingredients soften hair and make it stronger, glossier and more manageable. It’s meant to be misted onto hair which is already shampooed and conditioned.
By spraying Miracle 7 Leave in Mist on damp hair, before heat-styling or air-drying, you’ll be able to access detangling and extra conditioning which make it so much easier to have a good hair day.

Reviews for this product, which comes in that un-mistakable baby blue or lavendar bottle and smells fresh and clean, are so positive. However, several customers who left reviews of this hair mist online believe that this product may be discontinued in the not-so-distant future. If this has any possibility of truth, I may have to fling myself off of a building. So I am warning you if you want to try it, do it ASAP! If you already love it and cannot live without it, I suggest ordering it in bulk from a larger online retailer today, as it may be harder to find in the future!

“It’s a 10” Hair Mist Has a Wonderful Reputation Too…

“It’s a 10” Hair Mist may get a few more bad reviews than Miracle 7 does. However, most people still love it so it has a great reputation overall. It’s a 10 is designed to repair hair which is dried-out and damaged. It will also add shine and control frizz.

This product is also a great choice if you want to seal in your hair color, detangle your hair after shampooing and conditioning and prevent split ends. It’s a great protective spray to use before heat styling and it’s suitable for all hair types. It’s a unisex spray so it works for males and females.

In our opinion, It’s a 10 is best for hair which needs a lot of help. It may add a bit too much greasiness to hair which isn’t super-damaged. In general, it does get more complaints about greasiness than Miracle 7. It seems to be a heavy-duty product which is designed to give parched locks exactly what they need, but from my experience it’s a little too much. As I said, my natural hair is a hot ass mess, I don’t know how much more dead and gross and brittle and dry you could possibly get, and the Miracle 7 doesn’t leave an ounce of greasiness, yet the “It’s a 10” leaves me looking like a wet mop.

After checking out reviews for both, I would be leaning towards Miracle 7 even if I had never tried it before. While there are rumors that it will be discontinued, it’s still available today and it’s very easy to order online. It has a lighter texture, while still offering the perfect level of conditioning and very reliable detangling without making your hair look like you just dipped it in a vat of cooking oil. While “It’s a 10” hair mist is a leave-in formula may work well for some people who most likely need some pretty drastic help, it may be a bit too greasy for people who have fine hair or oily already oily hair.

Both products are easy to find and they are available at the world’s largest online retailers. However the It’s a10 brand is easier to find in stores. Off the top of my head I know it is available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, etc. The only brick and mortar store I have been able to find Miracle 7 in is Sally Beauty, and those aren’t always the easiest to come by. As well, Miracle 7 ingredients are very impressive and it’s not too expensive. You’ll find that it costs about the same as better-quality drugstore hair products. Ordering it online is probably the best way to get a great deal on this hair mist. Use it as directed and enjoy strong, silky and manageable hair which looks bomb. You’ll also find that it makes it very simple to detangle after you shampoo and condition.


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