NuMe Curling Wands:

Not really worth the pricey investment if you want a truly honest opinion. Are they good? Sure, they are going to work better than a $15 hair appliance from WalMart (been there, tried that) but more than likely a mid-range priced hair wand probably would get the job done just as well, without taking any extra money out of your pocket. The only way I can justify spending the extra money on a NuMe curling wand, would be if I was purchasing the 5 in1 wand that NuMe offers. The 5 in 1 is a best seller on Amazon, and is totally cost effective. It’s like having 5 different curling appliances at your fingertips for one simple price. Given the fact that on average a decent hair appliance is going to roughly cost you around $30-$50, having 5 in 1 for $150 is a kick ass deal. That’s pretty much the only reason why I would purchase from NuMe, and the only reason I would recommend that you might want to purchase from NuMe too.

The best feature of this curling wand is that it produces negative ions while you curl your hair. That’s basically just a fancy way of saying that this appliance is designed to help lock in moisture, and prevent hair from drying out, which is often an unwanted and unavoidable side effect of heat styling. Upon testing, it certainly appeared to hold up to this claim, the hair was soft, bouncy, and not even the least bit frizzy. Other than that, as far as I can see it’s just like any other curling device. On the minus side there is only one heat setting, which I find very odd for a “high end” hair appliance. Most appliances these days come with a long list of heat settings, so I find this to be strange for the price that it is. This heat setting is around 410 degrees farenheit, which is an optimal high-heat setting for styling, but a lot of people are super weird about using high heat on their hair because of the damage that can be caused, so heat setting adjustments would have probably been a nice touch on the companies part.

In terms of other features (besides a lack of heat control and the production of negative ions), the NuMe wands have the following:

  • an ergonomically designed handle which is simple, sleek, and comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • there is a dual voltage design, which allows you to switch between 110 volts and 240 volts. Although this doesn’t serve any real purpose for the average home user, it would make this a good curling wand for someone who travels internationally.
  • The wand heats up in only a few seconds, which is fantastic because let’s face it, who wants to wait?
  • When you purchase a NuMe 19mm Curling Wand, it comes with a kit containing a little bottle of shampoo and heat proof gloves to prevent burning yourself. Which is a nice little bonus if you enjoy a good deal.

Despite having some issue with the available product features, the build is where this curling wand excels. Well excels as much as a curling wand can excel, no offense to the person who designed them, but they aren’t exactly rocket science or something. The barrel itself is made out of tourmaline ceramic, which is well known to be the very best material for heat distribution. This ensures that the curling wand does it’s job properly, producing the perfect curls every time you use it. The wand itself is also apparently designed to be easy to hold. The cord is of average length, and although nothing is said anywhere online or on the box, it appears to be heat proof, (don’t ask how I tested that lol). I do wish that the wand had a longer cord, actually anything that has a cord I wish had a longer cord. Longer cords just make everything easier.

So to make this a bit more cohesive for you:


  • heats up quick
  • comfortable to hold
  • great materials
  • dual voltage settings
  • negative ions prevent dried out hair
  • Stylish
  • Different color options
  • Free shampoo & gloves with kit


  • only one heat setting
  • lacks extra features
  • Pricey


NuMe curling wands are good products. They’re made well, look great, and they do the job, and they even do it well. The lack of features, however, is disappointing, in particular the fact that there is only one heat setting. Not to mention that the price tag is pretty high when you are looking at the original NuMe wand. I am more than willing to bet that you could find another brand with a similar, and just as functional curling wand for a lesser price. Really the only way this is a good deal is if you get the 5 in 1. Not a lot of brands offer a similar tool.

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