huda-beauty-pierced-braidsRemember when Kylie made it cool to pierce your finger nails? I can’t lie, I’m glad we’re over that, but now the pierced look is trending in a different way! Until I toured Beauty Con NYC last weekend I had never seen the pierced braids trend. I walked past several girls rocking the look and thought to myself hey that’s really cool, I’ve never seen that before. Hell I just got around to buying those little gold bead cuffs to put in my hair when I wear braids, and apparently I’m still behind the times. It’s funny, you never see something before, then you see it once and all the sudden you begin seeing it everywhere! This week I’ve come across the pierced braids look all over the internet after running into it at Beauty Con. I most recently spotted the trend on non other than the queen of beauty herself, Huda Kattan.

Pierced braids are so fun, and funky, they are a great way to punk up a classic look. There are dozens of different ways to take a stab at the pierced braids look, all stunning and stylish. Who knew all these celebrities already slayed the look in their own different ways?

Below are several examples:

christinas-pierced-braidsAchieve Christina’s flawless look by sectioning off a portion of your hair at the hairline and begin cornrowing from your part, straight down the edge of your hairline until you hit the top of your ear. Once you hit the top of your ear continue free braiding downwards. Once you have finished and secured your braid begin inserting your hoops about half an inch from your root and continue down wards evenly spacing them out until you get to the bottom. Notice Christinas are all turned slightly differently .


Style your hair like Shay Mitchell by flipping your head over and making two parts that meet together at a point creating an upside down V shape centered at the nape of your neck. Tie back the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way. Keeping your head flipped over, start your braid at the nape of your neck and cornrow upwards until you get to the top of the point. Secure your braid, and then pull the rest of your hair up into a bun. Once you’ve situated your bun, you can begin inserting your hoops in the center of your braid from top to bottom. Shay’s are closely spaced together, and cover the entire braid up.


Rock Arianna’s pierced braid easily! Begin by sectioning off a portion of your hair in the center of your head about an inch wide. The section should run straight back, and be long enough so that it will run into your pony tail. Secure your excess hair back, and begin your braid at your hairline and continue cornrowing backwards toward your crown until you’ve reached the end of your section. Once you are finished braiding, secure your braid and then pull all of your hair up into a ponytail. Add your hoops on your braid and space them somewhat unevenly.


Get this look by parting your hair down the center of your head, and then creating 3 even sub sections on each side. Start your cornrows at your hairline and continue down the back of your head to the nape of your neck and continue free braiding the remaining hair, securing each braid. Once all 6 of your braids are complete, begin placing your hoops on your braids, about an inch and a half back from the hair line spacing them out by about half an inch. Make sure they line up braid by braid.

You can purchase the hoops on Amazon for just a few dollars, and you can even find hoops with fun charms attached to personalize the style even more. How do you attach the hoops you ask? No you don’t actually pierce your head (someone actually did ask this question on Instagram, so I figured i’d clear that up here). You simply slip one end of the hoop through your braid and squeeze the ends together so that the hair can’t slip through. Add as little or as many as you’d like, and wherever you’d like in order to customize your look.

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