On my life long quest for long hair, different styles and crazy colors I’ve tried an array of different extension methods. As we previously discussed I have recently tried crotchet braids and I also detailed to you my journey with clip in extensions. So I felt it my duty to share with you my thoughts on tape in extensions. I had tape in extensions about a year ago, and a friend recently asked me what my thoughts were and I felt like this would be important to share with everyone in case you’re considering this method.


Tape in extensions are extensions that are applied with a heat tool, and utilize an adhesive glue to attach the hair to your natural hair. Essentially there are two pieces or hair that match and each one has adhesive on one side of it. You take a piece of your natural hair and then press each extension piece (on the adhesive side) together and then press together with a flat iron to activate the glue. Now let me tell you this, and do what you will with this information. I paid an arm, a leg, another arm, and a foot to have my tape extensions put in. Now yes the hair (if it’s real) is always going to cost a little bit, so that is to be expected. But when I realized how freaking easy it is to put these extensions in, and that it only took about a half hour I was pissed I paid so much money to have them put in! After clip in extensions, I would say the tape in are the easiest to apply yourself, or have someone at home do it for you. Anyone with a flat iron and half a brain could install this hair. So that being said don’t be pissed at me if you mess it up, because if you mess that up lord you have bigger problems than your hair.


I know many people are anxious about putting glue in their hair and a lot of people think it’s bad for your natural locks. However from my own personal experience I can say the only way your hair will get damaged is if you rip them out of your scalp as I did. So I gave you fair warning, don’t rip this out of your head if you don’t want some serious bald spots honey. You can buy actual glue remover at the beauty supply store that will easily release your hair extensions from your head, or you can use acetone, which is what I used after I realized I didn’t want to look like I got my hair ripped out in a fight leaving the club. If you use the proper tools to remove your hair you are golden and your natural hair really shows no damage. Tape extensions are also very light and are not bulky like other types of hair extensions can be, and easily go up into a high ponytail without being detectable.


Although I am really not a fan of these personally because they do not grow out very well. As soon as your hair begins to grow out, the extensions grow out and I’ve had some extensions I would wear for months grown out and they still were great but when these begin to separate from the scalp you can begin to see the tape sticking out, and the glue can sometimes loosen up easily. They’re reusable though, you can re tape them to reuse them. So if you are looking for something temporary for a few weeks that you can do yourself and reuse these are a great option, or I also think these are a great option for people who could care less about length but are in the hair extension game for volume. These are easy semi-permanent extensions to add that extra volume to your hair for that full luscious look, but for permanent long wear use you might consider something a little different.

So ladies, if tape in extensions sound right for your needs then go ahead and try them and let me know your thoughts!

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