IMG_4724Euronext human hair clip in hair extensions review for beginners!

The main brand of clip in hair extensions sold at the popular beauty supply store, Sally Beauty Supply is Euronext hair extensions. Back in the day when I began wearing hair extensions in high school, and was completely clueless as to how the world of hair worked, I bought my first pair of hair extensions from Sally Beauty because my friend told me to. At that time, hair extensions were not common, especially amongst Caucasian people, so it was few and far between to see someone rocking a set of extensions. When I began cosmetology school my junior year that is when I saw a rise in the use of hair extensions. The popular place to get your clip in hair extensions where I was from, was from the Sally Beauty that is in a shopping complex about 20 minutes away. Other than that you had to drive to the closest city, which is an hour away, to go to some sort of beauty supply store. As hair extensions, weaves, wigs, etc., have become more popular all together I have definitely noticed a rise in the amount of companies offering clip in extensions, clip in extensions at pretty prices. Euronext extensions are still pretty cheap in comparison to higher end companies like Bellami or Luxy. That is why I see Euronext hair extensions as a great starter out set for someone just dipping their feet into the pond of hair extensions.

Euronext hair extensions are available online, and in Sally Beauty Supply stores. They come in varying lengths starting out at 12inches, and going up to 18inches. They also come in varying colors from blondes to brunettes. One reason why I think the Euronext sets are great for newbies is because they aren’t too thick. In the world of hair generally, the thicker the better! But, when you start adding in all of those hair extensions in order to get that thicker appearance you can sometimes start to feel and look a little bit fake, especially if you have never worn hair extensions before. The Euronext sets are thinner, a bit more natural and are more so there to add a bit of natural length rather than too much fullness.

IMG_4725The Euronext are clip in’s and they are labeled as human hair. Just like with human hair you can straighten, curl, perm, bleach, dye, and cut these hair extensions. I however will comment that this may be labeled as human hair, and it may be majority human hair but these hair extensions are indeed a blend. You will notice if you pay close attention while styling your extensions that you may find what looks like strings in your hair. Those are the fillers. Again, if you’re a newbie and just starting out in the world of hair extensions and you are not looking for anything fancy, or are just looking for extensions to wear on special occasions you dont necessarily have to worry about any of that.

They are just as long lasting as expensive hair extensions! Believe it or not, I still own part of my original set of Euronext hair extensions and although they may not be in the best shape (I mean hell it’s been about 5 years since I bought them) I revived those babies and they still look pretty damn good for their age, and I still wear them for certain styles sometimes! I had another Euronext set that I bleached to all hell and they still with stood the test of time. It was impressive. I took those babies from dark brown to bleach blonde in about 3 bleachings and it’s a miracle that they didnt just fall apart right then and there. These extensions are very easy to customize to your specific color needs.

They are simple to apply for yourself, comfortable, and in fact the clips on the Euronext sets are actually my favorite kind of clips because they sit so flat against the scalp. I wish the higher end brands would use the same clips that Euronext does!

If you are on the market for a starter set of hair extensions, or just looking for a set a bit more affordable than some, Euronext is definitely a great option and I don’t think you’d be disappointed. I will however warn that if you are a hair enthusiast and you have a lot of experience with hair extensions then this set is more than likely not going to be pleasing to you, especially if you are accustomed to extra thick sets, or super high end hair and luxurious hair.

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