tokyo-stylezKylie literally seems to be the root of everyones problems lately. First Rob and Chyna and now this. Have you seen her new rose gold hair? Pretty isn’t it? When it comes to wig’s and crazy hair colors Kylie Jenner is no stranger. Hair stylist, Tokyo Stylez is a renound leader in the celebrity wig industry, so naturally he has handled all of Kylie’s craziest styles, including this new hue.

Another leader in the wig industry, Francesca Di’mori AKA the owner and operator of Freedom Couture Hair, pulls inspo from celebutants like Kylizzel and provides us little people with similar styles. Her hand crafted lace wigs are to die for, as are Tokyo’s however while Tokyo is selling to celebs, she is making it possible for non-celebs to have access to high quality, stylish and luxury wigs. In order to inspire her customers, and of course sell her products, Francesca or whoever her people are post pictures of the celebrities that inspire their current showroom of wigs.

img_2184As Kylie Jenner debuted her rose gold hair yesterday, Francesca and her team at Freedom Couture got busy re-creating the look. The Freedom Couture Instagram page just posted a photo of Kylie Jenner sporting her rose gold hair with the caption; “Introducing the SAINT KYLIE Unit, The pastel pink wig from the gods…She will be available to purchase Monday 10 am in our auction @KYLIEJENNER”. This is quite normal for the page yet commenters jumped down Freedom Couture’s throat, insinuating that she was taking credit for the Tokyo’s work. Several comments down, someone using the page @IamTokyoStylez commented speaking poorly about Francesca and calling her out for taking credit for Tokyo’s work, then once responses came flooding in later deleted said comment. After a little detective work, it’s clear that this page is NOT the real Tokyo, and most img_2181likely isn’t his real back up page either since it only has a thousand and something followers and is not Instagram verified. Freedom Couture still responded to the comment, giving Tokyo and his work professional respect, while defending their own work. In Francesca’s defence, apparently Kylie’s rose gold hair is in fact not even a wig this time, she had her real hair colored and added matching extensions. So really, her wig is by no means, stealing Tokyo’s work. Fans continue to tag Tokyo’s real page in hopes that he will respond to the comments. it’s highly doubtful that he will, and surely if he does see the post it’s probably safe to say he would take no offense to the fact that Freedom Couture used a photo of Kylie Jenner to hype their product. Even if he did take offense, it would be highly un-professional to air his grievances via Instagram comments. Who knew the world of celebrity hairstylists could be so petty?

P.S. Freedom Couture posted a photo of their actual rose gold hair unit and let me tell you it is 100x better than Kylies hair! The color, is pure perfection *so many heart eyes*. Check it out below!!!  img_2183

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