IMG_4594Balayage highlights? Huh?

As we have entered into 2017, new hair trends are in full effect.

We dumped the ombre trend in 2016, and opted for a more subtle and classier form of highlighting headed into the new year. Say hello to balayage.


Balayage means to paint or sweep in the most romantic of the romance languages, Francais. When it comes to our hair, this technique provides a level of soft, natural glam. Balayage highlights are much less dramatic than the ombre trend, and certainly creates much less harsh lines than more traditional or old school methods of highlighting like foils, or cap highlights. Basically, it’s 2017 people and if you are still getting cap highlights… girl bye.

IMG_3699Balayage highlights are a must for a multitude of reasons. Not only are they gorgeous, and very natural looking they are also very low maintenance which is great for all the busy women out there. Most highlights, or any dye job can be hard to keep up with, once those roots start showing it is game over and you better beg your hairdresser to fit you in. With balayage you have a little more wiggle room. These highlights are so subtle, and natural looking that they grow out extremely well giving your schedlue and your wallet a break in between salon visits. They are also a great way to transition from hair color to hair color. With an ombre, the change in color is generally way more dramatic, but with balayage it is much more subtle, and an easier stepping stone to transition from one color to the next because it is much more natural looking and starts much higher, thus allowing more and more of the color to be added each time.

This form of highlighting is probably also the quickest and easiest method. Most anyone who is a well seasoned balayage(r) will appear effortless as they grab their paint brush and lightener and get to work on your beloved locks. No boards, no caps, maybe not even any foil will be required to achieve a great looking balayage.

Get your balayage on!


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