IMG_4555Who is Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon? WE NEED TO KNOW.

Simon Ourian is not only Kylie Jenner’s doctor but the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clans as well!

Simon Ourian MD is a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for the stars! Ourian has worked on not only America’s first family, but celebrities and public figures such as Kardashian bestie, Malika Haqq, basketball wife Brandi Maxiell, Miss Colombia, former basketball wives cast member Meghan James, business woman Pilar Vargas, beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials, and the list goes on and on and on.

IMG_4558Kylie along with her sisters has not admitted to any surgical procedures. As far as the public officially knows Kourtney is the only who has had a surgical procedure, which was a breast augmentation pre Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim has consistently denied butt implants, and even proved herself with a butt X-ray, but it is unknown if she has had fat transfer procedures or fillers to enhance her back side. Let’s note that Ourian does specialize in a non surgical BBL which uses liposcutioned fat injections, or fillers to enlarge the butt immediately.

IMG_4562Simon does non surgical cosmetic procedures such as botox, juvederm, cool laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening, non surgical nose jobs, non surgical neck lift and much more. It is now well known that the lip kit queen has had her lips done on several occasions, but it has often been speculated that she has had facial reconstructive surgery. Again, surgery has been constantly denied, but she’s more than likely not lying. What many people unfamiliar with plastic surgery, and non surgical cosmetic procedures may not realize is that there are so many non surgical procedures available these days, especially to celebrities! It’s 2017 people, you can do a hell of a lot with out being cut open now. Many of the discrepancies people have regarding Kylie’s face can easily be the results of fillers, and non surgical cheek bone sculpting. Which again, Simon Ourian specializes in. As far as her breasts and butt go, doctors have recently began taking a new approach to breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is now available without using any sort of implants! Instead of using an implant doctors will use liposuctioned fat to enlarge your breasts, by injecting the fat. Which makes sense since your breasts are made up of fat already. This could very well be an explanation for significantly larger breasts. As far as her backside goes, just like big sister Kim I highly doubt that she has any butt implants, but it is definitely likely that she has fillers. Dr. Ourian does a procedure using fillers to enlarge the butt that has become very popular in hollywood.

In Kylie’s defense, though it does appear that she must have had some work done, and it appears she may have more than just lip fillers, you must know a makeup artist highly trained in the art of contouring and highlighting can also dramatically change ones appearance. More than most people realize. Along with that she has of course become older! As you mature, especially when you are breaking out of those awkward teen years and entering your late teens to early twenties their are definitely changes in y our appearance. I certainly believe Kylie has more than lip fillers, but I don’t hold it against her. I think she looks great! However I do wish she would come clean about what she has had done. There’s no shame in having work done. If you don’t like something, and it can be fixed and your of age, and of sound mind, and you can afford it why wouldn’t you? It’s 2017 people. I’m not ashamed to admit my breasts are implants, and my butt has had fat injections. I feel that it is wrong to perpetuate to young girls that a nice round booty that appeared magically out of no where, along with a once flat chest that now has major cleavage, non existent laugh lines, and myriad of other small things as natural. Once we allow young girls to think all of this is natural we are setting them up for major disappointment because they will be expecting impossible things to happen naturally.

Dr. Simon Ourian is the cream of the crop as far non surgical procedures go, I mean if he’s working on Kylie Jenner you know hes the best of the best. He too will someday work on me. I just need to, ya know, get rich.

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