anal-bleaching-memeIf you thought only porn stars and strippers participated in the anal bleaching phenomenon you are in for a big surprise. Not only are everyday women opting to lighten up down there, you can also purchase anal bleaching kits for home use! Yes, you can bleach your anal area in the comforts of your own home instead of awkwardly bending over in your plastic surgeons office.

Anal bleaching has become popular as more and more women have for whatever reason decided that the natural appearance of the anal area is rather unsightly. Women who work in the porn industry have been bleaching their anal areas for years, and I guess as more men and women are watching porn these days, thanks to the internet, the idea of having a lighter anal area is becoming much more mainstream. Have you ever taken a look back there? It’s not pretty. Brazilians are also super mainstream these days, and once all of that hair is completely removed it’s like a giant arrow pointing at that dark skin around the anal area.

Anal bleaching is usually done at a doctor’s office, such as a board certified plastic surgeon, but can also be done at a spa. Before I even go on, let me say this; from the research I have done on the topic of anal bleaching it’s not exactly the safest of treatments. Their are risks that can possibly come along with it, I mean you’re putting chemicals on your asshole, think about it. There is also a possibility that anal bleaching will not have the desired affect it is supposed to. When it comes to bleaching your skin most of the time everything goes as planned, but there is always a chance that the skin being bleached may be stubborn and not change much in color at all, may take to the bleach too much and become completely white, or actually end up doing the reverse and get darker.

If you’re still down to bleach your bum hole, but would prefer to skip the awkwardness of bending over and spreading your cheeks for a stranger their are products available on the market to lighten your anal area at home.

Pink Privates Intimate Lightening Cream:


This lightening cream is made to be used safely on intimate areas such as anal, vaginal, penis, scrotum, nipple, and other intimate areas.

Clean Stream Anal Bleach:


This product is made to improve skin tone, and correct excess pigmentation.

1 Action Body Anal Bleach Gel:


Intimate area skin lightening in a gel form for anal, vaginal, scrotum, penis, nipples, and other intimate areas.

My Pink Wink:


Safe for sensitive skin and anal bleaching, and vaginal bleaching.

These are just a few of the surprising amount of products that are out on the market for at home anal bleaching.

I advise you to be very careful when picking out one of these products, and using them. It just doesn’t seem right to bleach your ass hole. Or any other part of your skin for that matter, but to each is own. Definitely, definitely, definitely, don’t apply any sort of these products on any area of your body if you have any open cuts, wounds, sores, etc. Don’t let any of these products get inside of your body, they are all 100% meant for topical use. One thing that I have discovered is that apparently anal bleaching is not a one time shot, you have to keep up with it or else your skin will gradually revert back to its normal color. It will also take several rounds of bleaching for some people to begin to see a noticeable difference.

The question that sticks out in my mind is, how? How do you bleach your own ass hole. You must need the help of your partner, or a really, really great friend right? I mean I guess you could do it yourself, but I feel like it would be a bit difficult, probably not too precise, and potentially messy.

I find the topic of at home anal bleaching pretty fascinating, however I have no interest in attempting it myself. If you are super interested and want to know more, I found this blog and you can see before and after photos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, these photos are super graphic.



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